First Build - Need help!

I am building my first board in the near future and need some help with parts, I’ve done a fair bit of research but am a bit stuck on the battery.

I was wondering if this thing is legit, it seems pretty cheap for what it is. I live in a sort of hilly area so I need a large battery that can supply a good amount of Amps and whatever (I am running a mono-drive).

Here are the other parts if that matters:


I have not chosen on a remote yet so any suggestions would be much appreciated.


It say son their website that it can produce 50a continuous meaning they are not using any Samsung cell

They tend to use a cell called lg mg1 cells which produce 10a and have a 2.2ah capacity

They use a cheap bms meaning it will break easily and you will have to replace it

Lastly they are known on the forum as a pretty bad seller (look into it)

There are many people on the forum who can build batteries for you for cheap (I just bought one from @Tinp123) Or you could build your own their are lots of posts to show you how

With the remote it depends how you like it

a trigger or throttle style

Multiple speed modes

Battery display

I think The most commonly used ones are the gt2b remote, the nano x, flipsky remote ,and the benchwheel remote.

The rest of your pieces are useable but on the cheaper end of the spectrum the sk8 is a good piece of equipment though

There’s been a bunch of really similar threads over the last month. People have typed out great info, myself included (of course, I am great) but you have understand, it gets tiring typing the same info out over and over to new starters. We all started somewhere but a quick search for a topic name like yours “first build” or “advice” will give you a plethora of information to help you get going.

Straight off the bat I would suggest buying your esk8 parts from an esk8 vendor. I see you’re from Aus and that throws the delivery and fee’s spanner in the works. Sk8 motors work, the rest of that stuff you linked from HK is superseded significantly from other vendors and if you’re already shipping things across the ocean you might as well buy it all from there.

Secondly is shady and to be avoided, search the forum for why. Diyelectricskateboard is a different story all together, Dexter runs it and for the most part it all goes well.

Speak to some locals about battery builders. @moone @dareno @mynamesmatt - if you gentlemen are feeling helpful today.


Thanks for the advice guys, I will look into getting a better battery.

helloooo! I’m from Sydney too (way cooler than @moone). Whereabouts in Sydney are ya?

couple things.

if you want wide trucks, take the $40 shipping L and get the tb218 trucks. On top of that and in the same shopping cart, get your motor pulleys. If you want narrow trucks, my mate in Toongabbie has a set of caliber trucks which would look and work great (I think he’d sell em idk).

Don’t go with diyeboard, they’re not great. HobbyKing stock great lipos for a starter build. Standard lipo is good, nano tech is the poor mans graphenes, and graphenes are bloody awesome. If you want liion, my friend in greystanes makes batteries spot welded to order with vtc6 cells (not sure if he does 30q’s).

Another thing, the sk8 motor is bloody awesome. The only con is its size. its like 85mm long, though it’s a 74. So be aware of that.

Boardnamics mounts are really good for their price, or you can go with the @dickyho mounts, which are decent and relatively cheap.

Also, join the esk8 Sydney Facebook page. I’ll send you a link, along with a link to our diy group chat. All the best mate

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Hey mate!

Keen for you to join the Sydney DIY group chat when we get your details.

Regarding VESC’s, we have a guy in Sydney’s west selling 4.12’s for $80AUD a piece. Picture below. received_308359453172688

With regards to wheel and motor pulleys, I’ve got a few sets that just arrived the other week. $40AUD for the set. IMG_20190418_110727

HobbyKing SK8 motors are great, as @mynamesmatt can testify (he runs two of them on his primary build), but you can do a bit better than HobbyKing mounts and wheel kits even for a first build within a similar, if not cheaper budget through your local vendors. :slight_smile:

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@Marsen for batteries. 100%.


Seconded Marsen battery packs.

Thats really debateable. And unless you have “your own” beach as your yard, then no you arent :blush:


:joy: i only do it to annoy @moone :heart::heart:

Hey guys, thanks for the feedback, I looked around a bit more and found this battery: it looks like it can handle a decent amount of amps, comes with a battery indicator, power swich and charge port. Its also from an Au seller so that’s a bonus to.

I’ve also had my eye on this remote: looks nice and has a trigger style throttle (which I prefer)

Somebody asked about my deck and I am planing on making my own (I do a fair bit of woodwork and have built some penny style decks in the past) and I’m probably gonna design in after the shape of the vanguard/MeepoV2 deck.


If you want a reference deck, I’ve a Vanguard from a Boosted V2 sitting around not doing much, as well as a Vanguard clone from China that you’re welcome to borrow.

Thanks for the offer but I’ll pass not quite sure of the dimensions yet, also I’m planing on making a regular long board (With caliber trucks and Abec style wheels and then going from there) once again thanks for the offer tho. :slight_smile:

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