First build! need some help

hey guys! I bought everything I need for an esk8 build except the xt 90 anti spark thingy. Do you just solder a wire that connects the end of the loop key?

Also, there’s a shorting plug on ebay, I was wondering if that can act as a loop key.

You can’t use that one you need the XT90S for the anti-spark functionality, and yes it can be just a wire loop


Can I just loop one of these ?

Yes! 10 chars

I have another question I see people using xt60 battery harness then use a xt60 to 90 adapter for the anti spark/loop key Can I use a xt90 battery harness since I have a extra batteries to xt90 adapter Also it is more convenient since the vesc has a xt 90 connector It should work right ?

Also does the end that you plug the loop key in matter