First Build: Need to Pick a Deck and I need Help

Alright this is my first post, and first build ive been lurking on here for a long time, but i still dont really have the hang of everything so, I’m sorry if im messing something up. NOw thats out of thew way, the scene, I’m trying to make a 4wd Monster.

To do this:

I have ordered 4 of Hummie’s Hub motors as the muscle,

I’m having a 12S4P battery made with samsung 30Q cells for the Power,

I have two dual Fsescs (flipsky’s Version of VSecs), as the brains,

Now for the body of the board, the Deck, I am stuck between two and a half Excellent Board options.

The first option for the board that I have is the Land Cruiser carbon Fiber Deck from boundmotor. the link is here:

The second option I have is the most expensive option of the bunch, but its the 46 inch Bioboards Deck with enclosure, the link is here:

And the last option, is half an option really, but its to try to get a Hummie Deck and try to make my own enclosure.

Between these three excellent boards, what do you guys think? Which direction should I set my sights towards?

Bio looks good BUT, it seems to be a double deck enclosure. That is my boards shape.