First build no bms $500

hi looking for advice to build and upgrade my board. here are the links

deck: battery: x2

vesc: products/torque-esc-vesc-bldc-electronic-speed-controller controller:
motor: motor mount and gear pulley: wheels:

i would love some constructive criticism thanks

What sort of range did you have in mind? Using shows you’ll get around 6miles assuming you’re going for 6s1p?

Good idea i had no idea that was how the range on the board worked. I was looking for around 12-20 I know I will Probobly not use that much range but it would be nice to have. Thanks

I should really go for the hobbyking motormount instead of the ebay mount. I got the ebay mount and it broke after a month then I got a new one and again it broke. I got the hobbyking mount and it’s so much better and very cheap! Fits perfectly on the sk3 motor.

For the pulley kit I should buy these, they fit on flywheel clones:

What battery charger are you using?

The cheapest one on Hobbyking lol the $20 blue one. Does it make a difference what charger you are using?

Unfortunately I already bought the eBay mount I will get this one after the cheap ebay mount breaks

Hey bud, how are you getting on with your build? I’d like to join you in building my first board - perhaps we can di it together? What does your parts list look like so far?



Sure, I would sugest what I have on my first post as most of your parts, I would go with the hobbyking motor mount and a gear train kit instead of my motor mount and gear train kit from ebay. I would also get a larger battery if you want more power from your motor, and more range to rude your board.

Using a small low amp charger on large batteries just takes time.

yeah your better off spending more money with the charger as E1Allen said it takes time and depending on what power adapter you get it could take even more time.

Get a stronger mounting kit

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some mounting kits absolutely suck and some don’t watch out for the ones that suck

Power adapter? Lol I thought that came with the charger

Heyy bud, cheers for the info.

i already have a great longbaord with trucks etc - can i resue this or do i need to start fro scratch do you reckon?

You can definitely use your own board. If your trucks are a weird shape you might need to cut them or file them to fit a motor mount but you can definitely reuse your old board. That is one of the cool parts of making a board yourself

If you get the Hobbyking mount you probably don’t even need to sand them it will fit just about all trucks, so yeah, your good.

wicked. how far have you got on your build? got all your parts yet?

yeah will go for that. Did you pick a bigger battery in the end? and charger.

If you’ve got decent enough trucks you can make your own mount and weld it/have it welded to the trucks. I did mine with a drill press and some files, and had it welded by a local guy in his garage. Cost me $15 for the sheet metal and $30 for the weld.