First build + notes

Weight: 225lb

Build Deck: ($50) Generic no brand, preferred: drop through with 8 plys source Trucks + Wheels: ($45) 90mm flywheel clone w/ generic 180mm trucks source Motor: ($80) Turnigy SK3 6374-192kv source ESC: (~$100) VESC 4.12 source or VESC 5.0 when it’s released Battery: (~$200) (including accessories)10s2p Basen 26650 build + buy Mount + pulley: ($117) DIY TorqueBoard v4 kit with pulleys and belt source Enclosure: ($65) Psychotiller Low Pro source Remote: ($40) Mini remote source


Notes Motor will be mounted heel side regular stance. Thinking about reverse mounting. Gearing ratios: 16:36 probably (2.25 ratio), 16:40 (2.5 ratio) possible with 3D print source Might want to try custom GT2B enclosure source, not very cost practical, might just go with cheaper mini remote Might 3D print a battery+esc enclosure or Fiberglass a custom enclosure. Love the natural wood look, thinking about just using spray on grit instead of grip tape. Not sure how VESC is programmed, need more research. Be sure to tune brakes carefully, big reason people get hurt. Don’t build for speed, let’s not get hurt, 15-20mph seems plenty fast. Try and incorporate a deadman’s switch along with beginner/normal/maxvoltage modes.

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The TB V4 mounts won’t fit on those generic Trucks. I have an unused set of TB Caliber clone trucks and A set of used TB 90mm clone Abec11 wheels that I can sell you for $60 shipped in the USA And I can throw in some wheel bearings, mount pads and bolts if you need them

Will definitely love to grab some used parts off of you in the future, I live in SD remember? So we can do a local exchange. On the job hunt right now, will definitely start purchasing once everything is stable.

Oh that’s right, we are neighbors. Ok then we can do $40 cash for those parts

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I need to talk to you about your battery before you order parts. Gotta go pick up my grandson so I’ll get back to you later.

That’s a nobraiber yes deal from @Namasaki when you have the funds.

I have some 6374 left, they are $73 and you don’t have to hassle with hobby king. I have a group buy topic about it on here. Would save u some time and money.

Thanks for the heads up! I’ll take a detailed look at it, I probably won’t make it in time for the group buy unfortunately.

The 10s2p with Basen 4500s works great on flat ground but if your doing long steep hills a lot then you really need a 10s3p or 10s4p or Lipos. Because the voltage sag is real with a 2p pack going up steep hills. It does perform good on flat ground though.