First Build, part lists and some confusions

Hi, guys, I am planning to building a lightweight carving board as my first build. Here are my part list:

Deck: Rayne flight v2 Trucks: caliber 2 wheels: orangatang 85mm blue

ESC: Flipsky [Dual FSESC4.20 Plus ] ( Remote: Flipsky vx1 Motor: Flipsky 6354 190v Battery: 10s2p Ownboard pack

Motor Mount: [Boardnamics] ( pulley/belts: Torque Board (any more budget-friendly choice here?) ESC Enclosure: not sure yet

How does this setup looks?

Question here!!: I was told that the battery pack or the BMS(which is 25A?not sure) inside can’t work safely with 190 kV motor, I have no idea what’s that mean. what should I go for? Samsung 30q or Sanyo something? what is discharge current for the battery mean? Which spec of the battery affect board performance? I expectation is about 25miles/h and 10 miles of the range.

Thank you very much for any helps! (non-native speaker, forgiving me for wired writing :))))

And what AMP and Volt of fuse do I need for the setup?

He are some super cheap belts and pulleys, i have used the, numerous times with no problem

It would work, but you’d be limited by the BMS that onboard uses which is probably set to about 25-30 amps. The cells themselves (depending which one the pack uses) can probably only discharge 30-40 amps anyway. But if you set your VESC settings to 25-30 amps you should be fine. You can bypass the BMS by resoldering the discharge wires if you want to remove the BMS limiter.

You should probably get a better pack like the meepo 40T pack (60a cell discharge, unsure about BMS) if you want to keep it 10s2p.

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Thank you! Help a lot!