First build planning || recommendation appreciated ||

First build. First Post. Overly ambitious.

check check and check, lets get started.

Basically catching the bus to get to uni has made me late too many times. The solution, eSk8 of course. I have all the equipment, spare time, and money, so why not enjoy making one. ( I also live in the UK )

I live in a town near-by the main city around 7 miles away from the uni, so preferably I would like to make something that can make it to uni, and back with change, in case I would like to go shopping.

The goal

  • 20 miles of range
  • Roughly 30 Mph ( ~45 Kph )
  • Deal with inclines and hills
  • Make a cool project

At the moment I own a Turnigy Accucel 6 50W charger so I am not too worried about charging batteries. That being said, I do own a 3D printer and have a fully equipped workshop (no heavy machinery unfortunately, so no lathes, mills or band saws) so I do hope that I have everything needed to make this project succeed.

So here is the list I've made so far for components.

Motor: Turnigy sk3 168kv outrunner £69.84 Esc: VESC BLDC £70 Battery: 6S 10C 20000mAh Multistar lipo £119.27 ( I am thinking of getting two of these to make it a 12S, but there is a 16000mAh 4S version for £20 less ) Transmitter and Receiver: hobbyking HK-GT2B Chepo rechargeable rc car controller stuff £19.31

As for the batteries, I am kinda worried about over discharging the Lipo batteries, if im gonna be spending around £200 on batteries, I really dont want to over drain them and brick them, or even worse, causing a fire when recharging them. So thats something I definitely would need a hand with!

With mounting the motor to the wheels, I was thinking about 3d printing the clamp but I am also kinda worried about it shattering, even though ive made industrial grade parts out of PLA that definitely survive harsh conditions. Risking damaging a motor and/or me if it was to fail.

as for the board itself, I was gonna go down to a local deck shop to pick a long board up. I have never skated before, so this will be new for me, and at-least if I got the board sooner rather than later I can get some practice in before I defile it for my own needs. But if there is something important to know about choosing a eSk8 worthy board I would love to learn about it.

<img src=“” " style=“width:304px;height:228px;”>

Thank you for reading this far, Have a kitten on a board, and I look forward to seeing what I have forgot to include ( probably some form of battery managment system ) and soon enough I will probably start making a build log of me failing to make a eBoard!


Looking pretty good!

What kind of hills are you going to be dealing with? That motor is generally very solid, I just don’t know what kind of hills it can really handle by itself. I ended up going with different motors so I can’t really comment on that, but just something to consider.

If you’re going to charge with that Accucel 6 then you probably don’t need any more of a battery management system.

What I think you should start to figure out next:

  • What deck and trucks you want (effects my next 2 points)
  • How you want to attached everything to your board and an anti-spark solution for turning the board on and off.
  • A good way to attach your motor to the trucks (I personally don’t think a 3d printed solution will be good enough)
  • What gears you want

Besides that, if you haven’t skated before (which I hadn’t either) I would recommend getting your deck and such now and start using it unpowered, just so you can handle yourself in case of an emergency (ie out of control board). Especially stopping. Oh, and please get a helmet. If you need motivation, I will link to the protective equipment thread. There’s a few gory parts to scare you into it :wink:

Hello, Thank you for the feedback already.

The steepness for the steepest hill is roughly 8% ( I was thinking that might be too much for the motor and it might just be worth getting off and walking the 30 meters ) but the hills that I would be coming across would be about 4-5% incline.

As for how to attach everything, I was thinking about making it rear wheeled derive, and everything attached underneath. For the gears, I have no clue what would be needed to get the speed needed. Luckily I am pretty light at only 60Kg so maybe 16-30 ratios but I am unsure.

Safety wise, I am in the mind set that maybe a helmet for my helmet would keep the first helmet safe, therefore keeping me even safer :stuck_out_tongue: . But yeah, I wouldn’t even think of doing anything without a helmet.

So, I think I’ve decided for the gears to got with either:

18 - 34, or, 20 - 36.

As this will get me a speed of around 30mph on a 12s lipo with a 169kv motor.

Any thoughts?

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