First build problem

He Guys!

Well I just finished my first build. An electric normal skateboard. I love cruizing on my normal deck with normal trucks bit with longboard wheels. So I made the thing electric.

I used 2x 5500 mah 3s lipos. Hobbyking 120a/300a Esc. Turnigy 280kv motor. 15t motor pulley. 40t wheel pulley.

Still building my nunchuck controller with Arduino nano and a nfr24l01. I used my quadcopter controller to try the board out. The little thing has soms crazy power to it.

But I got a problemen with it. Its unsteerable, it just goes forward. If I lean to turn it doesnt do anything. I spread the trucks a bit outword so the box could fit underneath the deck, I thought that could be the problem but what do you guys think ?

What do you mean “it doesn’t do anything”? as in the motor stops working when you turn? that would be a wiring issue.

Could it be that your trucks are not wide enough compared to your wheel size? Also, does your mount touch the board when you’re leaning?

Is the drive side truck an rkp or is it on backwards? Lol that would probably make it not turn. They counter steer!

I think you’re right, it looks backward

Hahaha this was a quick amusing read lol nice catch @saul

I always rode my board with this setup. And IT worked like a charm. I could turn and lean and curve. But now I cant lean in to make a turn. It just keeps going forward even if I put all my weight on one side to turn.

Yeah I see what you guys mean. I Let my dad help me with making the bracket and welding the truck. I let him do it himself als he made that mistaken. But that shouldnt be the problem with my steering right?