First build / Rebuilding diyeboard kit with proper components

Hey guys, so a little a bout me, new skater, new to the forums, pretty comfortable with batteries, soldering etc.

I weigh ~215lbs, but hopefully not for long. Anyways, my riding would be just slow cruising, with slight hills. My main desire is to get smooth braking. I’m a brand new rider, so smooth predictable and controllable brakes are important to me.

I have this diyeboard kit

and it’s great except the brakes are completely awful, theyre basically an ON/OFF switch and honestly make my heart rate skyrocket at the thought of using them. When riding, all my brain processing power gets diverted 100% to trying to be gentle with the brakes.

My plan is to hopefully get a couple dual FOCBOX’es or a couple VESC’s and transplant them in place of the stock ESC, and in the future if I decide to upgrade the board, the focbox’es or vescs would be able to be transfered to a new build.

I have already purchased this remote

Is what I am thinking a reasonable request? Is the the smooth predictable braking curve I desire something that is feasible the way I want to do it?

I appreciate any help, and look forward to being part of the community!

Cheers, Aleks.

VESC’s are the natural upgrade here. If you’re not looking for more speed or range then they’re the only thing to upgrade, really. It would fix your braking problem and allow you to get a bit more out of that big battery, as well. The dual ESC’s in the kit max out at 25 amps each, but that battery should be good for more than 50 total. So, you’ll get more speed/acceleration if you set it up for that.

As a more immediate fix, I glued a bearing spacer onto the throttle of the remote. It lengthens the range of motion for your thumb and helps a bit. Not a perfect solution, but it’s basically free and helps a bit.

Another option would be to go up in wheel size or down in the the gearing to give the motor less torque. This will affect both braking and acceleration, so it’s hardly optimal, but it is an option.

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the enclosure does not fit 2 4.12 vescs with the battery. you might have to mod it.

not sure about focboxes though

Thanks for the reply!

I tried extending the throw lever on the remote already, and although it helped a bit, my main issue is the brakes have such a huge step of lets say either 5% to 75% in a hair length of movement on the dial, that it’s just too unnerving for me and makes me not want to ride the board at all.

Range isnt a huge deal for me, I really only want to do some quick cruising, and ride to my car and back which I have to park half a mile away.

I tried getting 97mm wheels, but unfortunately the wheel gear slides between the spokes with 6 posts, and the clones I bought must have different hole sizes because the wheel gear that came with the kit is too big for the clones.

I might just try and see this board complete and start a scratch build, depends on how the sales on black friday/cyber monday are.

I’m hoping 2 focboxes will fit

the original esc size is ------------------------ 74mm x 53mm x 42mm and the focbox case dimensions are ------ 64mm x 64mm x 22mm

bummer about the wheels, any chance you could drill out the spokes a little bit?

I’ve been thinking about trying to upgrade the potentiometer on the remote, but I’m not sure where to start with that. It’s super easy to disassemble, and it’s only three wires, so it wouldn’t be hard…if you know what to swap in there. But I don’t. Might have to research that a bit more.

The problem is the fingers are the shape of the spoke gap, so it’s a complex shape. The alternative would be that I shave down the actual spokes on the drive gear for the wheel. I’m curious though if the original diyeboard kit wheels are the correct abec centers, or if the clones are sized different than the legit abec’s

Have you tried the new v2 remote? It helps remove the deadspot on the acceleration, but the brakes dont change much.

I’m not sure which pulley you’re talking about tbh, but I think most all the clones are quite compatible with the flywheels…either way, though, I guess bigger wheels isn’t the proper solution in the end. I’d go for those vesc’s, man. There’s more space in your existing enclosure than the current ESC needs, I bet you could fit them both in pretty simply. And if not, a little bit of cutting and some glue would do the trick

Yeah, I plan on getting the focbox’s. I’m gonna wait and see how much they are on black friday sale, and get them then. I think they should fit in the space hopefully.

These are the pulleys that came with my kit

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So I ended up deciding to do a new single motor build for now.

I have a vanguard loaded clone deck, just bought the following:

from WOWGO, their new battery/esc enclosures, and the slightly upgraded 5.2ah 10s battery, for mostly plug and play, just looking for easy cruising.

from torqueboards: 218mm trucks (figure if I want do go dual, this leaves room for later), 6374 190kv motor, single abec wheel gear set for the 97mm clones I have.

for the motor mount I’m going to get it from the forum,

and going to wait to see if there’s a deal on the focbox (or should I get the tb vesc?)

I have the new maytech remote, should I return it and get the enertion remote?

Picked up a cnc motor mount from @marcmt88 this weekend, and just placed an order for 2 focboxes (figure I use one as a spare, go dual drive, or sell it later to recoup some costs) and the enertion remote.

I’ll be returning the maytech remote.