First Build Recommendation

Hello Everyone, As you can tell I am new here. I’m sure you’ve been plagued with first build topics, but I’ve done about as much reading as I can handle and have a pretty clear idea of what i want.

I have an existing board that I made a few years ago that I will be motorizing, so that’s taken care of.

These are the parts that I’ve decided on (mostly).

Motor - Turnigy sk3 190kv

ESC - VESC (Dont know how to program etc.)

Batteries - Two 5000mah 3s batteries (can I do another?)

Controller - Traxxas tq (left over from traxxas car)

Motor mount - Homemade

Gears & Belt - diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/36t-abec-drive-pulley-belt-combo-kit/

Are there any recommendations or changes you would make?

Thanks a lot!

190kv and 6s will be very slow. I would suggest 245kv for 6s or 10s for 190kv

What’s the best 10s configuration for this set up?

@mitchell898 2 5s lipo if you are going cheap. 190kv-200kv motor with vesc.

Ok, that’s probably what I’ll end up going with. A few more questions…

Will 2 4000mah batteries be sufficient?

Will I need other connectors for any of the electrical connections? (Vesc, receiver, batteries)

2 5s lipos in series (with a series connector) at 4000mah will give you about 150 watt hours, you may get 10-15 miles range with this you’ll probably need bullet connectors for the vesc I think you’ll need an anti spark xt90 or some way to turn off the system, though i haven’t done this myself so someone else will fill you in there

I would definately be happy 10-15 miles.

I think my biggest hurdle will be building the motor mount and mounting it to the trucks so that the belt is aligned. I guess we’ll see…

Thanks for all the help guys!

Any other recommendations would be awesome.