First build setup check!

Okay, so I’m building my first electric skateboard. Sorted my parts, just need someone to check that this is safe and nothing will mess up provided parts aren’t faulty. My main concern is a 270kv motor with a FOCBOX, would it be possible to configure the FOCBOX to a safe setting where that wont matter? Because im very very keen on the motor I’ve selected.

Single belt motor kit (MBoards)↓


10s3p battery (DIYEboards)


FOCBOX (enertion)


Thanks to whoever replies !!!

Personally I would keep the focbox and start looking for another motor and battery


agreed, I would never use just one 5055


I wouldn’t really recommend that kit or the seller for the motors.

I wouldn’t recommend diyeboard, for the simple case of low quality parts. And probably the worst display of professionalism I have seen on this forum

And I think your in the UK, add 20% to the final value

Buy some

Original calibers A good motor mount Sk3 6374 from @brenternet I think he is selling one for £50 He is also selling orangatangs for £50 The focbox is great

(Ok he might have sold a few things since it has been a couple days)


This ^^^^^ You’ll be much happier in the end.
And safer.

Don’t make me post the pictures


Why is that btw? Might help people help you to know.

well what’s the budget like

Yeah ngl I’m not a professional, so it’ll be a shite display of professionalism. Ill nab the bits you’ve recommended.

Pretty much I’ve watched the owner of the company on YouTube for a while and he’s pretty into eboards and he recently set up a company. There arent many reviews on it at all but the motor kit seemed like a pretty good option price and time wise.

Yeah but you wouldn’t want your public information inc. credit cards here if something happened (diyeboards have done this before)

About 500-600

Ah probably not a good website to buy front then. I wasn’t sure about it as it seems too good to be true, but I’ve heard widespread use of the website.

Get these wheels if you want.

I’ve got a motor mount for sale if you need one. It’s for caliber trucks

Get some caliber trucks

Try and get a 6374 motor


Battery recommendation with the FOCBOX and 6374 motor from brenternet?

I think he’s sold the motor now

Custom made batteriws from

@Acido @Acidfie @pjotr47 @koralle

Maybe someone here in the UK can help, depending on where u are


Have you check https://? @torqueboards

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we want to see it again…dawei dawei…

I’d say that’s a healthy budget for a single motor build

I don’t know about the battery. It seems fine. I would get a different motor kit/ parts. You should snipe deals on this forum while gathering information. That’s what I did.

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