First build...single drive to start.. add dual in future

Soooo Im looking at my first build. Ive had a meepo for 6 months now which has been a great first board and paid for itself but naturally Im looking for more power even after upgrading the hubs to 500w x 2

Id like to do a dual drive but since funds are tight like everyone else Im thinking of doing a single belt to start and add the second when the money permits. That also means Id like put the money where it counts up front (trucks, motor/mounts, vesc) and go cheap on other items that are cheap…and upgrade those later. My only main fear on a single belt is that braking wont be good…so how bad is bad when people complain about single belt braking? Unsafe bad or??

Pre-summary: Trucks - Caliber 2… or TB 218mm Motor - 6355 190kv, sealed can preferred so Maytech…other wise TB motors? Wheels - 97mm Abec clones

Motor Mount - marcmt88

Drivetrain - 12mm 36/16… 36/14? Vesc - TB, Maytech ?? Remote - Can I salvage one of my meepo style remotes Battery - 10s4p TBD On/Off switch - WTF F… no reasonable options beside an anti spark key? Deck - 42" generic from skateshred

Id like some advice/recommendations on the missing pocket of info I couldn’t find…

Trucks - The caliber 2’s were recommended to me and Im getting mixed info as to whether this can hold 2 - 6355s and 12mm pulleys without having to cut some of the hanger off? Otherwise the only other option seems to be the TB 218mm’s right?

Motors - as mentioned going for 6355 190kv (or so) and would really like sealed cans because I have to ride in all weather conditions sometimes… but seems like maytechs are the only ones who offer a sealed can and those also seem the most expensive ranging from 100- 140… other wise plenty of other options (unsealed)…

which leads me to this question… could i cover/seal other motors with some aluminum tape or something without causing any harm? I know it wouldn’t be bullet proof but a properly cut piece of tape on the end of an open can would keep most things out and still transfer heat, no?

Motor mounts/drivetrain - I really like theses mounts and would like to just buy mounts one time and be done. Now he has a full drive train package and every one says the quality appears great but is $60 for drive train reasonable (assuming the mount alone are $50)… $110 total package.

Im not saying its not a quality package but is there other mid grade reliable options for pulleys? Also open to gearing suggestions. I don’t need a crazy top speed… 25-30 is fine to start and eventually with 2 motors Im sure I can reasses later.

Vesc - Seems like options are limited… TB, maytech or FOCBOX with is out of stock atm and on the higher end of pricing

Wheels - Abec clones appear to be all over but is one brand recommended over another or is a $25 set off eBay/Amazon what people are using? Later I would upgrade to a proper set of superflys or something…

what am I missing or recommendations? I ride mostly in Manhattan so minimal hills but having some torque is always nice.

thanks all!

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If you are worried about water hurting the motors, they are actually inherently waterproof by design. Mud would probably be a bigger concern, and I’m not sure how much you plan to go off road.

Most trucks should be able to handle dual 6355 motors. Any larger than that though, the tb218 trucks are your best bet.

I use a single KEDA 6364 190kv motor, and if I brake too hard it can throw me off the board. While I would still prefer dual motors, I wouldn’t consider a single drive “unsafe.”

Anti spark key is the best, most reliable, cheapest option for sure.

I use 16:32 gearing with a 15mm htd5m 265mm belt. Gets me around 22-25mph with an 8s battery.

With vescs, I have fairly limited knowledge. From what I have heard, Maytech vescs tend to be unreliable. I use an older model enertion 4.12 vesc. Torqueboards vescs worked great for me, I just accidently killed them by shorting the phase wires.

That’s my .02! I’m by no means an expert, but I hope I helped a little bit.


almost everything is assembled and I will start a proper build log after… anyone care to give my vesc settings a once over for verification??

Im running a 10s2p meepo battery until my cells come from nkon for a legit power source… so i assumed 20amp was a good number. thx

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