First Build / SK3 280kv / 3S 20C x2 / X-Car Beast 150A / Excellway 2.4GHz


So I’m doing my first build as cheap as possible. I’ve been following this dude’s tutorial:

I cannot find any working deck, need seriously some help with that. I live in Finland and I’d like to get it for around 50e, the lower the better Let me know too if any of the other parts won’t work either!

Wheels: Kryptonics Classic 76mm Bearings: BONES BEARINGS Trucks: Caliber Forty-Four 10" Truck

Motor: Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 5055-280KV Brushless Outrunner Motor Battery: Turnigy 5000mAh 3S 20C Lipo Pack x2 ESC: X-Car Beast Series ESC 1:8 Scale 150A Remote: Excellway® 2.4GHz Radio Remote Controller Receiver Transmitter

I will appreciate all the possible help, thanks

What is your budget? I would have bought some 10" caliber trucks if i were you. Much easier to find/make a motor mount that works, without reshaping the hangar.

Yeah or caliber clones if the real ones are too much

Also what’s up with the deck.

If you want cheap buy a used one from ebay

My budget will be something like 275-325e. Motor, battery, ESC and remote+receiver would cost around 180e if those what I listed really work, I wonder if somebody could check it? Thanks. So I’m leaving about 100-150e for the board itself.

I haven’t bought anything yet.

I was planning to buy it from skatewarehouse to get -20€ since they’re offering that for those who buy the whole board from them. But I’ve looked a little from ebay, the options are there quite limited if I don’t want to pay shipping that costs even more than the deck.

Man your overlooking some key things here. So you are going to have to listen to us or read a lot.

Where are you from?

It looks like your ordering your trucks and deck from an American website, have you thought about taxes and shipping?

Its not worth it, your trucks arent good for eskate or anything. And your deck isn’t good for longboards

If I were in your position right now the only thing I would keep on your list is the remote and bearings :slight_smile:

I will PM you I have a few old things to sell if you are interested.

Shipping to the UK for a deck…


I’ve been reading for a few weeks now but guess it wasn’t enough :smiley:

The electric stuff from that list is right from that tutorial video, I believe they do work but I’d just like a confirmation Yeah that website just came when i searched quickly, I won’t be ordering from there most likely. And I thought there were free shipping without taxes, ops. I do live in Finland.

And sure, I could buy from you too but depending on where you live

Electric stuff isnt too bad.

But you can upgrade to a VESC And you need to know how to charge lipos Have a antispark loop key, or a antispark switch.

Hold on I will check another thread for a deck

Enclosure and deck for 25e

I’ve watched several videos about charging lipos and I have a charger included in that 180e price so I think I’m good.

I’ll be doing the enclosure myself I think from some kind of plastic drawer like it shows in the tutorial video and I’m not too satisfied with the look of that deck, good suggestion though

Ok fair enough about the deck.

This guy is selling a remote



The remote I’m buying is only 25e including the receiver so it wouldn’t be too big win anyway if I got this one for something like 5e since the shipping would make it about the same price…

I wonder if you knew any websites in Scandinavia selling board parts?

I don’t sorry but imagine they wont be cheap

This ESC should be better

For things I have is trucks ,motor mount and motor pulley

Dont get a vesc for low voltage builds, it cant handle the amps!

It will survive sure but you’ll be stuck with low tourque and heat problems…

Okey so that will take 2 months to ship and I’m getting -10% from Hobbyking’s ESC… I’ll consider it

Shipping would cost min. $15

Ok sorry forgot about his battery choice

I have a vesc on 8s and 190kv single, i’d say thats as low as id recommend. It’s fine for lighter duty but heats up quick for any hills