First build-SK3 - 6374-192KV

Hello, what lipo battery for this motor and what esc or vesc ?

Need more info. What range do you want? What speed do you desire? Is weight an issue? List your current build setup.

Range about 10km My weigh is 200lb na speed 40km/h

if you run on 10s 8000mah you’ll get about 30km range. so use either 5 8000mah 2s Zippy FlightMax’s from hk or 2 8000mah 5s Zippy FlightMax’s. you could use 5000mah but like who wants that amirite

You could go uncensored too, Max6 ESC and two Graphene 4S 6,000mAh setup as 8S1P.

Just take a look at a few builds here note what you like and how there built, And then share that information with us, that way you’ll know what you really want, and then we could easily help you further.

Hey there, as a rule its always best to research what you need and make decisions based on these findings. Then start 1 thread with your choices and goals. That way you don’t have to start a new one everytime you come across a decision. Wrap it up into one thread and then we can give advice in a much more succinct manner. Good luck