First build that I truly love the look of

This is my 3rd build so far and absolutely love the way it came out. I’m coming from 6354 140kv motors which still gave alot of torque but I was craving more torque and more speed and more grip as the cloud wheels turn into sliding with socks on a hardwood floor whenever I go over any wet or dusty or sandy road. Planning on eventually doing pneumatics as well.

Parts list: Trampa Holy Pro Electric 4wd

Spintend UBOX V2 - The electrical tape and clear tape on top is to block the ports I’m not using as extra ingress protection. (5.3 BETA BUILD75 - on a real note be excited for firmware 5.3 everyone it is amazing) (105a battery amps with 80a motor amps)

Flipsky VX2

Flipsky 6384 190KV running in VSS (Hall sensors can go die) (14t pulley)

2x 6s 12Ah 15c LiPo’s (Discontinued from Ovonic) (I’ve been able to discharge these cells more than 12Ah as far as 14Ah and they were still at around 10% (3.5-3.6v))

Trampa Ultimate ATB Truck - White hanger (Inner holes DIY drilled) with titanium axels and kingpin - Black Baseplate - Trampa Barrels in inner positions.

Trampa Gummies with Matt black hypa hub (44t pulley)

The battery enclosure is a basic junction box with foam in it found on Amazon. Secured with M4 screws with washers with 100a bushings as rebound.

Ubox enclosure is from the case of a Emax tinyhawk v1 with all of the foam pulled out. Ubox secured to the case using m3 screws and nuts. Enclosure is secured with the two inner side truck nuts going through the enclosure with the top 2 being glued to the bottom of it.

I’m also planning on getting bindings for the board soon as I weigh only 140lbs and even in the inner setting with the barrels it’s still a tad difficult to make sharp turns. The bindings will allow me to lean into the turn more without feeling like I’m going to fall off.



I’d get softer elastomeric parts before getting bindings if turning is too stiff.

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I haven’t been able to find any softer form of the Trampa Barrels but I have found that it’s easier to turn normally at higher speeds 12mph+ than at lower speeds 5mph-. The bindings themselves weren’t that much and I was planning on getting them anyway when I get some pneumatics for this board so it all works out in the end :)).

You do not have axles that allow the inner setting. I wouldn’t mount them sideways as you did. Pneumatics will help. Springs and the softest gummy or even no gummy could do the trick too. Depends on your riding style

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I should’ve updated the pictures but on the truck side I drilled out the inner holes by myself perfectly and now they aren’t angled.

Congrats, very good looking build!