First Build Troubleshooting: Is it the Battery, ESC, or Me?

Prepare yourself for cliches.

I bought a Chinese L Faster all terrain skateboard kit. (bad Idea Number 1) Dual Belt Drives, 1650watt motors

I built a deck. (actually, the only thing that works)

I bought a Chinese ESC. It has all the right connections for two motors but has no instructions or specifications or limits on the packaging. (Bad Idea 2)

I assembled it and bought a battery. (big time mistake number 3 : 36v 10 amp hour lithium the motors because (Im guessing) Not enough Power It tried to work, I could tell.

They wouldnt take the battery back, either.

So, bought a 36V 20 AmpHour Li Po, 70 pounds of battery.

Hooked it up, same thing. The battery tried to move the motors, but couldnt.

So I emailed China, and they said the answer was to get a new 36v 10 amp hour battery, so no help.

So, What have I messed up?

ESC? Wiring has different colors, but I think I tried every combination. Battery tests out just fine.

Please Help, sorry for being such an impatient, uninformed, jackass.

  1. Use the new forum, this is a ghost town.

  2. Don’t buy undocumented Chinese ESCs.

  3. Understand those batteries probably aren’t 36 volts. You need to know the series count. If they’re 10S, then they are likely 42V batteries. Sorry to inform you that they lie.

  4. Don’t use any battery for an esk8 except “esk8” batteries from reputable, non-cheap-Chinese suppliers. If you can’t get photos of the battery’s internals while being built, then it’s not what you want. These can burn down buildings if not done correctly.

  5. Upload some photos when you ask on the new site. Some folks may have more information. Definitely can’t give you specs without photos of the ESC and other things.

  6. If you buy cheap stuff, you will buy it twice or thrice. Don’t buy cheap stuff.

  7. Make sure to put in your new question on the new forum what helmet you are using.