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Hello everyone. After much reading, I believe I am ready to start ordering parts to build my first e-board. I will be updating this as I go. First off I have a couple of questions/need some recommendations. Hopefully you all can help me out! I am trying to build a board with a single motor that lasts a while and reaches a top speed of 20mph if possible. I do weigh anywhere from 180-200 pounds throughout the year. As of now these are the parts that I will definitely be ordering/already have with a $600-700 budget.

-Caliber 2 Trucks -ABEC 83mm Flywheels -Enertion Motor Mount -Enertion 12mm pulleys and belts. -Enertion Space Cell Pro 3 This should give me a pretty decent length charge only using a single motor, correct? -Turnigy Motor This is where I need a recommendation. I was hoping to use the Turnigy SK3 213kv motor but I was reading the description of the Space Cell and it said it could only work with motors of 2400W or less. The 213kv Turnigy has 2550W so it looks like Ill need to use a different motor. Any recommendations on another motor that can haul my heavy self around for around the same price? (70-80$) -Enertion VESC

Also the only tools I have in my possession are a skate tool, a phillips head screwdriver, and a flathead screwdriver. I would love to know what other tools I will definitely need to complete this build.

Thanks so much!

You’ll be fine using a SK3, other members can vouch for this

the space cell 3 is a 10SP3 with 270Wh, in average you can expect to use at least 10Wh per km, I usually get around 23km with my 270Wh battery and that’s around 55 min ride time.

check this one for your motor selection:

with a 213kv motor, you will get a bit above the 60k ERPM limit, but I would guess you should be still fine. Running 10S with 190kv myself.

the 12mm belt setup will be a pain in the ass to mount on a turnigy since the pulley relies on a to circlips to be held on.

The 9mm pulley on the other hand has a set screw, so it’d be much easier to grind down a flatspot on your motor shaft and mount the pulley that way.

if you haven’t ordered the parts yet, I’d 100% switch the pulley to 9mm from enertion, and just a buy a couple extra belts… the 12mm just won’t work out well if you are attempting to make your own circlip holders…

I havent bought anything yet. Glad I started this thread. Ill be sure to get the 9mm ones. Also will I have to buy the circlips seperately or do they come with anything enertion offers?

My circlips came with my enertion motors, so I think you will have to buy them separately.

For the 9mm pulley setup you won’t need any circlips, so don’t worry about it.

Youll just have to file, grind, or dremel a flatspot onto your motor shaft, and then tigheted down the set screw over that flatspot.

There a thread about making a flatspot if you use the forum search, can’t remember the exact name, but it’s something about “how to make a flatspot on a motor shaft” .

Also, get yourself some locktight for all the screws! You can even put locktight on the actual motor shaft before sliding on the pulley which (with the set screw doing most of the work) will help to keep the pulley from going anywhere.