First build | 'Vera' | Evo 36" | Dual FOC 6355 190kV | 10s5p 30Q | 107mm | Metr Pro

I’ll start with a disclaimer, you’re not going to find anything super creative in this build. Evo’s are being used commonly now, caliber trucks are as boring as they get, 30q’s and focboxes are the “standard”, 10s will just get the job done - and that’s pretty much what I was after. She’s going to be a rock solid, medium sized, reliable and comfortable board that I can turn to when I just want to ride.

Name origin

Special thanks to @Eboosted Alan and @bigben Ben for all of the advice and help so far. This community is equal parts super helpful and ruthlessly brutal and that seems to work really well.

I’ve had a couple of production boards, I recently parted with an Evolve GTX which I owned for a month. Motor failed 7 minutes into my first ride and chucked me on to the street, remote failed several times after that was replaced.

I generally ride slow/medium pace and casually. I’m a 35 year old father of two tiny people and I’m doing this to get out and enjoy myself, meet likeminded people, feed my urge to tinker and make use of the amazing surroundings we live in here in the south of England.

Deck - Landyachtz Evo Falcon 36". I was eyeing up the 39" evo for months when I first got into all of this. When the 36" came to my attention it seemed perfect. I can just about mall grab it and carry it around, the deck area is perfect for my height at 5’9 and it just happens to look sexy af. Bought from @fottaz at

Trucks - 50/10 Caliber 2’s. I have a black set and a gold set, I’m still trying to decide whether or not I’m going to bling out or not. I now have a set of six shooters though and am torn between keeping the caliber 2’s or getting some TB 218’s so that I can use them (I’m assuming the six shooters wont fit on standard 10" caliber 2’s?).

Wheels - 107mm superflys with super reds from @DavidBanner and six shooters bought from @Papperlapp

Drivetrain - DIYE 12mm 15/40 kit. I’ll see how this goes.

Motors and mounts - 6355 190kV Sensored and Caliber 2 mount from @DavidBanner at Street Wing

Enclosure, 10s5p 30Q battery, Switch, focboxes, BMS and basically all electronics are coming from Alan @Eboosted - built and ready to go on. This was a lifesaver because I just don’t have space to pull all my tools out where we currently live. I am capable of doing this all myself but I know Alan will do a very professional job and he’s so damn quick and communicative!

I jumped on the Metr Pro order from @rpasichnyk - timing on this release was good for me!

Riptide KranK 90a Canons for the front and KranK 90a Canon / KranK 90a Chubby for the rear. Thank you for the advice thread @alphamail - While I was at it I got the Riptide custom esk8 riser, not sure if I can use it for this build but I thought I might as well get it to support the cause.

I’m in the process of buying all the little things like mounting inserts, screws, spacers, risers, tubing and so on.

Living in the UK has made this build incredibly costly, but I suppose that’s just life. I am about to start a second vanguard single motor build as well as a loaner for friends wanting to try it out. It means I can go on rides with them and they’ll likely be here within a week of riding it planning their own builds :wink:

I’ll keep this updated as I go along for anyone thinking about starting out with a similar build.


So you are whom Alan was making this masterpiece for…? :wink:


There is absolutely nothing wrong with using commonly used parts, there is a reason why they are so common. That’s a great-looking build, you will have a ton of fun with it.


That would be correct :smiley:


Maaan I want an evo too! Maybe next summer.

I’ve been pushing this around for a few days, smooth as butter on the 107’s and they just roll forever. I almost don’t want to power it up haha.

Electronics 90% complete, Alan is just waiting for the BMS which is out for delivery today I believe. While that’s on the way over I’m waiting for drivetrain (which is stuck at customs, waiting for charge to come through), metr pro and a few bits of hardware and assembly will begin.

In the meanwhile I’ve started collecting parts for the second loaner build. Trying to decide between a vanguard and pintail of some sort. I want it to be different to this board, a bit more cruisy and carvy. I’d like to have the choice of a nimble solid board and a floaty beach front carver.

Open to pintail suggestions and battery mounting options on something a bit more flexible.

I have the same carpet bro

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Hah, just opened the package my wife left on my desk.

Thanks @rpasichnyk


I’m so conflicted here. These six shooters have really thrown a spanner in the works haha.

I’ve got the new motors and tb218 trucks in a basket on street wing (thank you @DavidBanner ) , I’d only use the hangar from the TB trucks on my caliber base.

I’d also need to get a 15mm motor pulley and belts.

Do you think it’s worth all this extra expense and time to have the option of fitting these pneumatics when I want to? Or should I just stick to the 107’s? I’m not going to be doing any offroading to speak of, this is just for comfort.

Stick to the 107s. I don’t know why people bother with the six-shooters. Oh, and just drop those paperweights at my house and i’ll look after them,


If you ever put them on, it will take an act of God to get you to take them off :slight_smile:.

That was sly :slight_smile:


Pipe down Mike. Don’t confuse the poor lad…


My main concern here is aesthetics, these things are uggers to me. I know they are super comfy to ride on and my range is going to be fine. But I just prefer thanes personally.


Put them on the train to Upwey. I’ll pick them up from lost property.




I’m so sorry @psychotiller

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You better be!!! image


Finally had some progress here. Thanks to @Eboosted Alan and @Toughook Tony for these sexy bits.

Got everything on hand now to put this together. 20180703_20185120180703_202045


That buttonwill look sick on top of the deck right behind the baseplate :grinning:

Lack of tools and workshop space stalled me for a while but I managed to get into a friends garage today and it’s stacked with everything a grown man could ask for. Managed to get a whack done.


Started mocking up the drivetrain, all fits well.


Got the inserts installed in the deck and


Got to figure out where the power switch is going, apply the gasket and its all mechanical gravy from there.

Bonus pic, one by one all the other motor heads on the estate ended up coming in to look at the board haha. These two guys from the motorcycle store feigned nonchalance and then ended up asking questions about the build for 30 mins :smiley: