First Build - WEAPON X | Single drive 6374 190 KV motor | 10S4P Tesla Battery | FOCBOX VESC | Nano X V2 Remote | Comet Voodoo XL

Finally getting around to doing a build thread. Looking back, I think it would have been beneficial to start the thread before I actually started the build. Who has time to do a build thread once the ESK8 is done? All I want to do is RIDE!!! It’s not like I didn’t have time while waiting fort all the parts… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Well, actually I had not as much as you’d think, being a new dad just a month prior to deciding to get into this crazy and most satisfying habit. Well, it’s raining this week, so what better time to throw this down?

First off, this forum is amazing. What a wealth of knowledge and people looking to help those wanting to get into this, and people passionately innovating and progressing this movement forward simply for the love of it! It took me about 2 months to gather, learn, and communicate before I had enough knowledge and parts to make this happen. A big THANK YOU to all those who were willing to answer my noob like questions and patiently guide me through this. As well as all those who sold me parts for fair market value, and got me on the road.

Lets start with the board. 2011 COMET Voodoo XL. This stick is a BEAST! I didn’t weigh it, but it was by far the heaviest of my quiver. Did a custom grip job because otherwise I couldn’t give it a wicked name. Chose WAEPON X because that was the name of Wolverine (or at least the experiment that created Wolverine), and he’s a bitchin’ Canadian Superhero, and so’s this board.

Affixed to the bottom is some black Caliber 50’s, 83 MM 75a Abec 11 Flywheels with some nice Red’s Bones Bearings. Nothing too flashy, but the bearings might eventually receive an update. Used Enertion’s motor mount.

Was able to source a Kaly 190 KV 6374 Sensored Motor from a gent in Vancouver along with the Nano X V2 remote for a decent Price. Bought a FOCBOX from @yummyblobs with ease. Never tried anything else, but so far really happy with this VESC. Have it set up in FOC and it’s been ridiculously smooth.

The coolest part of this build IMO is the battery pack. This was designed and built to spec by a whiz who happens to live in the same city as myself. Big thanks to @RootedSuperuser. He happens to have a module from a D90 Tesla Vehicle and makes custom packs for Electric vehicles. His DIY E-bike is ridiculous. I met with him about a week into trying to figure out this build. He guided me into making some pretty sweet decisions that most first time builders would perhaps overlook. Like the benefits of having a good quality BMS. This build has a Bestech 10s BMS. Another ‘parts for sale’ purchase. And I’m glad because I want this pack to last, and last and last. Which it should because these cells are rated for 2000 charges! These cells are pretty much the same as SANYO NCR18650GA cells. Some more info:

We met a few times and he gave me a lot of homework and through that I was able to learn a lot more about what was all involved with the process of building a full ESK8.

Some battery porn:

This was some teaser pics he was sending while building the pack.

Completed pack. So so so many more pics available. Let’s just say he did a phenomenal job and I couldn’t be more happy with the end product. These pics just don’t do the battery justice. All this was encased in an @Eboosted enclosure which fit everything perfect.


Once all was set up and attached, it was just a matter of throwing on some cheap lights, and programming the VESC. Big thanks to @i2oadsweepei2 for spending some time with me on the phone to get this thing in the initial stages of road worthy.

Ran perfectly first try. Obviously due to all the help I had and access to way bigger brains than mine. Have since got it tweaked, but nothing really messed up yet. So. Damn. Much. Fun.

More pics and info to follow. It’s late and I must sleep now…

Some enclosure pics as requested by @eboosted.

Update: So my board is experience it’s first booboo. Wasn’t charging properly and when riding felt like it was sort of lagging even on flats. Then I’d get undervoltage errors and the BMS would cut out the power. Removed the BMS and charged battery to 90%. Checked voltages on the balance wires. Group 1 batteries came in at 4.31V! :anguished: I think that’s bad. Pack is currently receiving surgery. I think it might be my fault. Battery Regen is too high. Gotta adjust.


Damn man thats a sick build, especially the griptape and the battery pack

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Congratulations on your build !! Looks great especially the Canadian leafs, eh?


That’s a beautiful deck, can you post a picture of the back to see how the enclosure ended up?

@i2oadsweepei2 is one heck of a guy. Wouldn’t have known where to start without him :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the mad props guys. The custom grip is sick dude! Great build man. I’m looking forward to seeing some more pics and maybe some vids. It’s funny I have built three different boards. Didn’t make any build threads for the first two. But I have a ton of pics. The third one I started a build thread for it and it lives in my notes app. I am riding it like mad and using it to unwind after work sometimes or small errands around town. So glad you have it finished and can enjoy it now. Today is the day my @psychotiller mothership arrives. I know what I’m doing tonight!!

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Stoked for you man!! Watching that close, because that might be the direction of my next build…

Hey @Eboosted, I’ll try and take some pics of the belly tonight and upload. It really is a beautiful encolsure.

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Im really interested in your gear ratio, i can not deciede wich one to use, im 90kg and planning to run an 213kv motor on a 10S as much as i can P

those cells are 10a continuous so make sure your batt max current is set to 40a lest u overdraw those beautiful tesla cells.

I’m running 36 teeth on the wheel with a 15 tooth pulley at the motor. That’s on 83 MM Flywheels (75a duro). My motor is rated @ 190 KV, and so far with conservative VESC settings I’ve got 42 KM/HR on a flat run. Was tremendous. Bigger wheels also = more speed. So if that’s not fast enough, consider 90 MM wheels. I’m roughly 86 kgs. So comparible…

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Yup! Don’t want to take any chances. Was worried that might cause problems with speed, but so far no issues. Thanks for the heads up!

Most bike shops and bearing supply stores have access to ENDURO MAX bearings. I will highly recommend them as they go up to 35% higher capacity in load over other bearings, are sealed and have marine grease as the lubricant. When I built my ride, I did the upgrade on all the bearings as part of my build. Cheap, 3-6 bucks each. Catalog.pdf:

… Old School Bearing.

Thank You for the accolades.


10Amps continuous, 20Amps burst for up to 30 seconds…Should be sufficient to get you up most hills. 80Amps is OK to program. Remember, the higher the speed, the faster the drain. Set your BMS to a top speed of 30MPH/50KPH…It really is fast enough. My ride, 45Mph/72KPH, I tuned it down to 30m/50K, I get a longer ride and is fast enough.

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SWEET! Well, I might make that adjustment for a while to see what it can do with a higher draw. I’ll have to check into those bearings as well, see if they have the correct profiles for skate wheels… Thanks @RootedSuperuser!

This is the point where you buy a hobby lathe…for a $6 bearing.

Tell the wife you need some tools, you can write it off on your taxes at the end of the year ($350.00), and if she lets you she can buy some shoes… Win … Win! This is the reason I give tools as gifts, I can (Canada) write off $350.00 per year in tool for my job, this goes for any trade here. What can I say, I’m cheap and it costs me nothing to be a nice guy. Win… Win!


Hi guys, great content on this site! First build for me. Hoping to build an emtb with my son. I’m posting here hoping to find some good input. Anything you have for me would be greatly appreciated. So the parts list that we’ve already purchased is: 10s4p enertion spare battery pack with Samsung 30Q cells producing 36v and 432wh. 2x focbox 1x enertion remote.

We’d like to get the direct drive system from no wind. And and have to source the motors. We’re thinking of getting 2x sealed 6374 but are not sure which ones. And of course the board… I like the trampa… Located in Switzerland so any supplier info would be great. I can also get products via USA… Let me know what you think, Can’t wait to complete this, hopefully before summer kicks in… Tony

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Hey @Daddyckool, welcome to the forum. I’m curious, were you planning a full EMTB? Like with bindings and the whole bit? I’ve never built an EMTB, but right off the bat I see a potential issue with your battery selection. Typically, EMTB’s have flexy decks. That battery is designed for a rigid deck. Something to think about. I would suggest searching the Esk8 builds for EMTB’s to get a better idea of what components are used, and ask questions to the specific builders of those boards. All the info you’re looking for exists, just have to search a bit for it.

Good luck! :grinning:

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@Lionpuncher thanks for the input. Yeah we’re thinking kickass off-roading style. We have some great trails here in Switzerland that would be perfect. I was thinking about the way that battery was built. I was hoping to find some help in “remodelling” it here. They were on sale so I snatched them up before researching. :grin: Thanks for the welcome, Happy e-riding!

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