First build - won't be the last

Bought some stuff from DIYES/amazon/muir skate/etc, 3D printed some bits in PETG, milled the rest out of AL and poly-carbonate sheet.

Hand-soldered the VESC and anti-spark. Fun times. 2 more to do this winter…

It’s absurdly over-built, and could do with some lightening here and there.

Not sure of the current mileage. probably less than 100 at this point.

The relevant bits: VESC/AntiSpark 12S, (3) 4S 5000mAh turnigies 6374 Torqueboards motor DIYES Pulleys 13T/36T Kegels Caliber II’s GT2B controller Designed/printed/milled the rest


Max speed so far has been around 25mph, but can probably go a little faster.

Best upgrade so far has been the riptide bushings. Being a fat guy the 95.5a WFB’s have made a gigantic change in high speed stability.

See you out there!


What is the name of that battery indicator? Can you send the link?

Do you take each battery and charge them separately

This is it, but I’ve had bad luck with them. The LCD is really bad to separate from the PCB.

Do you think your drive belt protection can be placed on a normal’s motor mount / pulley system with their 5055 motor? If so, would you please want to send me the 3D-design of the printed piece?

But great design! Looks really great, congrats.

Why 2 voltage meters?

Probably so that he can have the voltage of the batteries and the percent and check the battery with out getting off the board

I understand that but wouldn’t just the one percentage meter do the trick? Anyway, nice build man, looks great, especially for a first build.

@SyrusB Yep, charge each cell by itself. I need a bigger PSU to do parallel charging. Takes about an hour per cell. Not a big deal TBH.

@Decdog Can confirm, this battery indicator is 100% garbage. On my second one already. Need to find an alternative.

@Daan_vZon Maybe? I don’t know how that mount looks. Is there a CAD file out there for it?

@Smorto Yep. I wanted the % facing up so I could have a rough gauge of remaining battery life. The one embedded in the housing below was just for reference. Battery remaining isn’t linear, so I wanted to easily collect some data points relating % remaining and voltage.

@Print3r Thanks! It does a little more than that. There are standoffs embedded in the print so that the external guard reinforces the motor mount. The first mount that I cut bent under stress. :confused:

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I really like your belt protector! It looks sleek with the aluminium cover and orange printed parts.

Went for a ride last night in Ocean City, NJ. Calm before the storm - this road will be insane in 2 weeks. But they’re doing a lot of paving right now, so some streets are smooth AF. Gotta get out there and carve them up while I can!

And here’s the CAD for the trucks mount, motor mount, belt cover and lens cover.

That is a beautiful mount + (strengthening) cover

Damn that motor mount is sexy! And the vesc enclosure with integrated heat sinks, good job sir!!