First Builds | 12S3500MAH | VESC 4.12 | Custom DCEK | DUAL 6354 | Slow build

HI, my English is very poor, the following content uses Google Translate. This is the first time I have released my construction process to the ESK8 community. Many of the parts are designed by myself, so the construction time will be very long.


DECK I really like the exway deck, so I have the deck of the exway. The board is made of bamboo and carbon fiber and fiberglass. The total thickness is 22mm (only 17mm when I designed it, the manufacturer made a mistake and made it into 22mm) image5image7image8image9

Contrast with exway QQ%E5%9B%BE%E7%89%8720180812174705 On the left is exway

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Deck looks great, pity about the extra thickness. Did they make the enclosure cut out deeper as well? If so then perhaps it was a good trade-off if you don’t mind the depth of the board.

Out of interest, why didn’t you use the exway deck for this build?

Transmission section Inspired by the booted v2, I designed the transmission part of the replaceable consumables. 1 2 3


They didn’t cut deeper Because when I designed my own DECK, exway has not yet begun to sell. Designing by yourself means more possibilities

Who manufactured this for you? I’ve been wanting to do a similar ultra thin build for a while now and couldn’t figure out how I could do a deck without going custom.

China’s skateboarding company