First DIY board plus some test

Going to be my first board, found a longboard with caliber 2 trucks and Durian wheels(75mm) for 25 bucks so I hopped on that ASAP.

Vesc 4.12 firmware 3.38 Battery 6S2P I plan on making it an 8S once I figure out what batteries were used and I get an 8 bms in. Description says max 65A and constant 45A Gear 12T/36T 3.0

Now here is the variable that I’m a just test out for fun because I tried to cancel my 280kv motor for a 190kv but now I’m getting both so it’s fine I figured I can just see how each perform with exactly the same setup Both are 6368s and probably are both 7 poles paired so the 280kv should preform better with the 6s at high speeds since it’ll get closer to its max erpm, but what should be interesting is and low speed and stand still how much difference there is. I know we know the answer but for a single motor setup I haven’t seen any back to back comparisons. So I figured since I already bought it might as well try it before I get an 8S for the 280kv and either a 10 or 12 for the 190kv. If you see anything wrong with what I’m doin let me know I tried to research all I could before buying.