First e-skate build

Hi everyone,

In this topic, I will share everything about my yet to be built first electric skateboard.

I got hooked onto electric skateboards when my friend bought a Meepo V1 board. He let me ride it and since then I knew I wanted one myself too.

What do I plan to achieve with this board?

  • Portable, I don’t want it to be too heavy
  • Affordable, around 350 euros
  • Top speed is not important to me at all so 30 km/h will do
  • I don’t need much torque, I’m 70kg myself and in my country, we don’t have hills at all.
  • A range of at least 12km, preferably more

I did quite some research over the past weeks about electric skateboards. I now have a first draft of what my build will look like.

Motor: KEDA 56-63 195KV Brushless Outrunner 6S 1500W

Motor mount: HK motor mount

Pulley kit:

Vesc: Either a Flipksy vesc

Or a ESC from DIYEBoard

Batteries: Got a deal for 3 11,1 V 1300 mAh Lipo batteries that I can put in series to get 9s. Discharge rate of 20c and 40c burst.

I’m not sure if these have enough capacity, what do you guys think?

Board: TBD

Wheels: TBD

Trucks: Caliber clones

I would love to hear feedback!

Use this calculator to estimate your needs. Your batteries are not big enough for sure. Probably more like 5000mah each for your range.

Also HK has eskate motors. I’d look at the 6374 motor they have. Highly recommend you not get the mount from HK, you will spend less time fixing and more time riding if you get it from either someone who makes them on the forum or diyelectric skate site.

I put it in the calculator.

It says I can go 11km with 3.9Ah Not the best range but I think I’ll have to do it with that.

Or i’ll get meepo’s battery pack

There’s better ways to get power. People here can build for you @pjotr47 and the like. You could get two zippy 5000’s from HK.

Get your mount from @dickyho I would suggest, that HK one is trash.

Perhaps consider real caliber 2’s. Put a wanted buy thread up, there’s loads of people with them laying around second hand. It’ll give you a reliable base.

I’d get that flipsky esc, such a good price atm and no import duties and customs fee’s to worry about.

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I’m actually going to get:

It’s a very nice set in my opinion.

The lipos definitely too small or better to say the c-rating for this capacity is to small. It would give you max 26a continues if to take the c-rating as real value. Usually it’s even less. So with this lipos your battery will be sagy as furck and I guess not live long. Hobbyking has some good lipos with 4-5000mah and 45-65c. The higher the better :wink:

Thank you Andy

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Bluntly, although the diyeboard esc’s do work, they’re trash. Definitely wold go with the flipsky esc or even a focbox. And like what @E1Allen said, hobbykings SK3 and SK8 range (although the SK8’s are having a few issues atm) are pretty damn good. The 6374’s have tonnes of torque and are great when geared properly. And when you said

You dont have 3.9AH. When the batteries are in series, then the capacity stays the same. You would only have 11.1V @ 3900mah if all your 3S packs were in parallel (3S3P). When in series they essentially become a 9S Cell @ 1300mah Would definitely recommend either the hobbyking graphene batteries or even the FlightMax’s as they all have fairly good discharge and high capacity’s (go for upward of 5000mah) Hope this helps :smiley:

Damn! I didn’t think of this. Thank you so much

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image Anytime! Like i said, with those cells you wont be going far :laughing:

Also you should only account for 80% of a lipo capacity to not fully drain them.

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I would recommend racerstar motors from AliExpress, they are cheap, sensored and come with high quality 5 HTD pulleys. They also use high quality Japanese bearings and will last forever