First Icarus Build? | 12S2P Stealth Pack | Dual VESC | Dual Hubmotors | Nyko Kama

Hey eSk8!

Been a While since I posted a build! So Decided to come back with maybe the first Icarus Build on the Forum??? Let me know if you find others!

#Pictures: Pre-Electrified board (Loaded Icarus, Otang Stim, Adam Colton Paris Trucks)

Inside Electronic enclosure (Dual VESC CAN, NYKO Kama, Battery LCD

Note- Icarus Badge is Still Visible

Inside Battery Enclosure (12S2P, Power Switch)

Electrified View! Screws easily cover-able when re-griped with same style!

Great Clearance still With 83mm Wheels

Cables protected with wire spine and wrap

Quick Start and Stop Video (Sorry about angle)

#Build List: Board:





3D Enclosure:


Sick ! I’ve been waiting for an Icarus build ! Would take that deck over my vanguard any time :blush: If those weren’t that expensive I would go for one immediately !

I think OKP has an Icarus but doesn’t want to electrify it

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Yup! Love the Icarus! Drop though is a huge plus, the Flex is perfect and you feel super locked into the board with the grip and concave.

I can’t blame him. It was super tough making the decision and actually making it electric. It’s such a good board for normal riding!

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Love the work, nice job. Good idea on the cable spine.

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Great work but it hurts me to see Icarus’ wings covered up like that :cry:, He does not need electricity, Icarus can fly!

Reference: Icarus and Daedalus


How do you like the flex on it? Do you have flex 1 or 2? How flexy is it?

You have to be running 12s in FOC that thing whispers , sweet build buddy.

@Eboostin I’m 145lb and I have Flex 1, I think it’s perfect for electric boards. I’m going to save up and buy a flex 2 as a regular board.

@Plumb77 No, The Motors are just super quiet it’s on the BLDC, I try not mess with FOC

I’m not a fan of drop through decks, but that is a beautiful build. I might have to try one just to see if I can get used to it.

One more thing, what is the distance between the drop through openings (space for enclosures)?

@oriol360 still curious

Hey! My Bad I missed the comment. The spacing is 4 1/2 inches between enclosures. With a little redesign of the cases you can get that space much larger!

Hey, no problem! Thanks for replying.

My interest was more in the length from drop through slot to drop through slot. I can only find wheelbase online which doesn’t accurately reflect the space between to put enclosures.

The blue line length

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Got you!

That blue line is 23.5 inches


Thank you. Really like your build!

How is the voltage sag with 12S2P?

nice to see the icarus. I set up mine with ronins, great versatile super light board that even can be pumped really well with ronins. felt like I didnt actually want to electrify it. :stuck_out_tongue:

some dremel work required for ronins though, but it was totally worth it:

not sure why loaded has the icarus mostly equipped with paris, I really didnt like those at all. :confused:


@Eboostin It’s not bad. when the battery drops to 20% on the screen that’s where I start to notice it. But that’s around 14 miles in to a trip! If I accelerate slowly at that point then I don’t even notice it until the cut-off occurs on the VESC.

@whitepony Honestly this board is so good I’m going to buy another one to keep as my push board. It does not need to be electrified! Paris are fine. I prefer Caliber and have never tried Ronin but I wanted to use these old Limited Paris trucks I had laying around and thought they would be perfect on this board.

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awesome build, I would recommend less angles on your box because it breaks (a bit) the harmony of the beautiful Icarus shape.

@oriol360 @whitepony

Have you tried fitting 90mm wheels? Everything I keep reading says 80mm max.

i can try 90mm and post pictures in 1-2 hours. in the woods with the dogs right now :blush:

update: no chance with ronins and centered wheel cores, but ronins have comparably high lean. probably other trucks, offset wheels or stiffer bushing might work. worst case scenario you just make it work with some dremel action! :smile: