First offroad project/ spring trucks/ flipsky 6.6/ unknown motor need input

So i wanna build an offroad board but i have no clue what im looking for other than trampa or similar spring trucks. I weigh about 150lb and would regularly be going up steep inclines. What motors and drivetrain would be best for that. In addition would the flipsky 6.6 be a good esc for my project?

Please watch this series of videos, first:

I suggest and buy genuine Trampa VESC V6 with WAND controller, HolyPro35 eMTB (with the CNC-cut channel for cabling) with Monster Box enclosure, and Trampa MegaStars.

Best of luck!

It depends on your budget and the terrain you want to ride on

There is a great selection of components available.

The ones topcloud outlines are primo and absolutely if you have the funds, but they are also a perspective of a single company.

Also look at the Dylan Warren MBS deck with discount applied.

Keep an eye on the parts section for a good deal

You can even get a typical skate deck and mod for channel trucks

Some people are having ok experiences with Flipsky 6.6 ESCs, some go broke and they do not have a great aftersales reputation unless your warranty case is very clearcut and you are a determined person.

Unity is now looking better after firmware updates but you could be waiting any amount of time for delivery really