First Pre-Built Board Decision Help

I initially wanted to a build a board because I thought it would be a lot cheaper and more fun to do it myself, but I was duped by the false economy. I also believe that it will be better and more logical for me to buy a prebuilt board for my first electric board so that I have something to learn on that comes straight out of the box. A plug and play or sorts. However I’d like to consult the more knowledgeable people in the community (basically anyone besides me lol) to help me make a decision based on their prior knowledge or even experience.

Here are the boards I’m currently considering buying:

SkateBolt Pro A:

Meepo V3:

Meepo Mini 2:

Now, I can say that while I will learn the e-board here in Miami before I leave, the main purpose of the board is to traverse my college campus up in Indiana. Because of this I am leaning towards the smaller board, as they will have more of an effective turning radius. However, it also means that they are less stable. I doubt I’ll be going full speed all the time on these but it has been a little since I’ve boarded, so I am currently practicing on a 22.5in/57cm penny board I got when I was younger. I also don’t think that I’m going to need 22 miles in range but it definitely gives me more comfortability knowing that I wont be stranded due to battery life.

For those who took the time to read all of this and help me out I sincerely appreciate the time you’ve spent. Since this is my first board I want it to last a while and make sure my first purchase is worth and I’m happy with it. Even though I only listed 3 boards, feel free to suggest any other boards that you think would work or you’d like to recommend!


This is my first ever e-board and I’m going to be using it for college. I listed all 3 boards I’m considering and I’d like your help deciding. If you have one you’d like to suggest instead please by all means suggest it.


i WOULD say any of them, or others, that like another said, has a burnt component. Preferrably the ESC, which you replace with vesc.

Or deadish batt. which you replace.

You dont need or want to get one that goes faster than 22ish. It will last longer.

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So you say vesc/esc and battery I’ll need to replace later on, or when i get it initially?


I’m no expert but I have seen short wheelbase mountainboards out there. And as for turning radius, wouldnt a double kingpin truck help with that?

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Yes but that would require me to completely take apart the motor system just to change the trucks, right?

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Ok just had a look at the links you posted. That might not work.

How come? Is there something wrong with the boards?

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Nothing wrong with the boards that I can see. They just might not work with double kingpin trucks.

I’m sure I can loosen trucks on those boards though

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If you are dealing with modifications that follow poly hardness, It is a snipe hunt, to find applicable bushing. Find already worked components, that work with our available components. Dont trailblaze, unless you have deeeeeeep pockets.

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If I just loosen the trucks a little on the SkateBolt pro it should be fine right?

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500 bucks here you go.

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the skatebolt one is not going anywhere near that far or fast dont buy

the meepo v3 is good but not gonna be nice for a collecge campus.

the meepo mini is a good choice but your looking at a couple miles of range max (maybe 8 if your lucky) (that can be fixed by installing a larger batter)

if you want a shortboard college cruiser look into the bkb tayto but its a little more expensive

the other choice is dont go for an eboard at all as if i were to get a college cruiser then a onewheel might be better suited e-boards arent the best for sharp turns and dodging people there is a reason there are much more longboards as they are more suited to go far and fast

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  1. How hard is it to change it to a better/bigger battery

  2. What if I got the mini ER which ups the range to about 20 miles

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those are claimed miles not real ones

even with the ER your looking at maybe 12 miles max

very easy a good builder can make a pack for you to go double the range and have more power for cheap

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I feel like it’s more the enclosure, but Meepo is hub I believe so does that make it easier?

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not sure what you mean

The enclosure is meant to hold a certain size battery right? Wouldn’t upgrading it cause it to not for the enclosure anymore?

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yes however the batteries from meepo have 2 issues

first they are built in a really bad space wise way. (they take up way more space then they need to) second is they dont use the best cells

you can get someone ,depending on where you are located (usa/europe/uk), to build you a pack from molicel p42a’s or similar and you will get way more range

So you’re saying it wouldn’t be hard to build a better battery pack the same dimensions, which could upgrade my range?

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