First real build: Dual 6374 190KV / 10s3p 30Q / FOCBOX

any progress is good progress.


Still slowly moving along, want to make the components modular so I can work on them if need be without it being a pain in the butt to diassemble. Still need to finish up the battery and, and after my motor mounts come back, I can start really buttoning things back up.

I had to fill in the old enclosure holes, so I used JB weld I had laying around. I think I will paint the whole board black (i was thinking brush on epoxy paint, any reccomendations?), and maybe make honeycomb grip tape if im feeling adventerous. Someone with a laser cutter should really monopolize on that if they havent already.

I also got a 3d printer so i think ill be trying my hand at a firefly open source remote, but thats down the line.

pack is all done and charging. 10s3p. 30Q cells.

Picking up the motor mounts this weekend, and then probably next week will button it all back together.


3d printed a cover with red switch, battery meter, and 2nd charge port.


Nice garage! Looks like mine… two Germans and a bike.

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pretty much done. Gotta order 15mm belts and then tune the focboxes.


I can’t find the thing verse file for that 3D printed power button, lcd, charge port.

Could you help?

1x 6374 on a 10s setup should be plenty… im 220lbs and on a 10s setup it gets me moving really well

well, this one really gets moving!

i did not see the pics before, god that is a clean setup

also, what lights are those

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shredlights, i havent gotten around to installing the back ones

are they pretty bright? also what are those motor plugs?

theyre ok in terms of light, but great in terms of form factor.

plugs are mt60, basically xt60+1 extra

Ik what the mt60s are I was talking about the trucks on the side… that looks really nice

Also who made the mounts with the idler

ohh, the risers, theyre from unikboards. @okp

the mounts are from @marcmt88


so they are 2 seperate pieces?


edit: found this on thingiverse…

Unik has the non logoed risers for only 10 USD right now. It’s that 35 in shipping that kills me lol