First real build: Dual 6374 190KV / 10s3p 30Q / FOCBOX

My main use would be just riding to my car parked on the street since sometimes I have to park half a mile away and I work very early mornings, and maybe eventually more for leisure, not looking for speed (heck, 10mph is plenty fast for me) but I do weigh about 200#'s (but working on getting lower) so I don’t need a performance beast.

Originally my plan was to add focboxes to my diyeboard kit with dual 50mm motor belt drives, I’ve decided instead to just build a new single drive board from scratch, just to try it out, and probably sell the diyeboard.

So far I have:

  • 97mm ABEC clones wheels
  • Torque Boards 218mm trucks
  • Torque Boards 6374 190KV sensored motor
  • Aluminum dual idler motor mount

On order I have:

  • Enertion Nano-X controller
  • Enertion FOCBox (x2, will probably end up selling one)

and for battery and enclosures, from wowgo I have on order from WOWGO

  • Slightly upgraded 5.2AH 10s battery
  • their new style battery and esc enclosure (but am thinking of getting a different single enclosure the length of the board)

for deck, I’m thinking about this one

My main goal is to basically lego this whole thing together and keep fabrication and fiddling time as low as possible, since I find the more I have to fabricate the more wind gets taken out of my sails and my interest dwindles.

My main reason for doing all this was the braking is awful with chinese board ESC’s (I’ve had a WOWGO board as well) so I’m hoping I will be able to configure the FOCBOX to give me smooth gradual braking without launching me off the board at the slightest touch of the brake.


Ended up ordering the deck above,

Still waiting for the Focboxes & remote, as well as the enclosures and battery.

Since I’ll be using an xt90 antispark switch, do I tap it into the positive, or negative power wire?

That won’t matter. I however, still tend to use it on the positive

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Just bought some things

  • 12awg silicone wire
  • xt90-s connector
  • some xt-60 connectors to make some wiring for the battery to focboxes and antispark setup.
  • glossy carbon vinyl to wrap the bottom of the board with.

Focboxes and remote shipped, so hopefully those will come soon, but I can’t do anything until the enclosures and battery come from wowgo, which looks like it won’t be before the holidays.

I do get the deck on Friday so I can at least get the trucks and stuff on.

The board so far, wrapped in cf vinyl and waiting for the rest of the parts.


Things started trickling in

so I received the focboxes (one is a spare) and enertion controller, and battery with enclosures from wowgo, but I decided to go a different route with the enclosure, so I ordered a kydex one from since i decided against doing a split enclosure and having to route channels for all the wires. The new enclosure will also leave room if I want to add a second battery down the line for more range, I can just pick another one later, so I will wire in 2 xt60’s on the input side for future-proofing.

I also ordered an e-switch, since I figured I’ll want it anyways down the line I might as well just get it over with now. It’ll make things a lot easier, since I’d like the switch on top of the board, so will be making an aluminum plate to cover both the truck holes in the deck and will extend and mount the switch to the top of the board on one of the plates.

I haven’t had the time I want to build this yet, but after the Holidays I will go back at it. Still in the parts gathering phase, and the board remains as last pictured.

All parts are in except for a belt, since I’m experimenting with sizing and the first couple I ordered were just a bit too loose.

I was also curious if I could get an AT type setup going as well, something like this

would the tb218 trucks be wide enough and would my deck shap be good enough for these off road-esque wheels?


Looks like I’m going dual drive… just ordered another motor/mount, 15mm pulleys and need to get a bigger enclosure now.


Going all in on this one.

Ordered an arduino spark welder from South Korea, gonna build a 10s3p 30Q flat pack, and I ordered an enclosure from UNiK.

Any reason for going dual drive ? The 6374 isn’t powerful enough ?

Nice build mate, looks very similar to mine

Looks better, more power, if you reduce to smaller motors you will also use less energy

Using 2 smaller motors would use less energy? I’m sceptical about that :thinking:

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Say 6355 is small and 6374 is big; Dual 6355 will consume more than single 6374. Dual 6355 will consume less than dual 6374.

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Do you maybe know how much is the average wh for dual 6374 and 6355?

I really like 6374s 6355 look lame to me because of the size :smiley:

Yeah that makes sense. I was confused by

if you reduce to smaller motors you will also use less energy

Hmm I would assume you would use less electrical energy on 6374 vs 6355 for the same mechanical output

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I just figured im this far in, so build the board i really want, and that would be a dual. probably couldve stuck with 6355 but i already had the one 6374 so no sense in completepy changing both motors.