First real build - need some feedback

Hi Guys, preparing for my first real build. My first build before this was a very fast and simple one with much of the parts pre-assembled. I could use some feedback on the below idea.

I live in Malaysia, roads here are just as terrible as many of the worst roads in the world. The problem isn’t just that the roads aren’t “smooth” its the fact that the roads are literally filled with pot holes, some big enough to give a baby a bath. so I’m going with a more e-mtb build.

Motor: 2x Turnigy Sk3 6374 149kV / kaly motors?

Motor mount: Could use suggestions, i was looking into ones from Torque. Is it me or are they pricy? anyone here make them?

ESC: Not too sure about this one

Board: Trampa Urban Street Carver - Can i get feedback on the difference between 35°carve deck and holypro carve deck

Trucks: MBS matrix Pro / Trampa urbann carver spring trucks - any opinions?

Batteries: looking at 12s samsung custom batteries

Battery enclosure: diy under board like ones kaly makes (does kaly sell them seperately")

ESC enclosure: lost on this one

Controller: could use suggestions, i would prefer something small.

Wheels: Superstar Wheels

motor mount: kaly sells his for trampa trucks

motors: either will work.

ESC: get focboxes or VESC6

Trucks: get trampa if you’re getting trampa deck

Battery enclosure will also house your escs, you can get from kaly, or from trampa direct.

Controller: nano controller, or maytech controller

the only difference are the weight saving holes. If you want to mount the electronics underneath the deck you don’t want holes :wink:. But if the roads are really very bad I would consider mounting the electronics on top.

Also sensored motors are great if you don’t wanna push first. FOC works like a charm if you go with (quality) vesc. I would recommend 10s for V4 or 12s for V6.

don’t get torque boards motor mount I have had too many issues with it slipping. And i love the remote from pyschotiller it is 30$ and fairly small

Buy a motor mount from bangood for 10$

@rich hey thanks for the feedback, past cuple days been wondering about FOCs @DarkJoker Thanks for the feedback, torqueboards set seem so pricy.

@Acido Have you tried them before? $10 worries me with cheap alloy cracking.

they are, and they aren’t worth it. Wait and see a few people are designing some new ones that seem promising at a cheaper price

You can buy 2 shimano sprockets for 10$ and use a bike chain for 10$ of you do not want the unbranded chineese stuff

Or your can use parts from an old bike and buy another sprocket because one will be too big and that definetly wont break

Also the 10$ chineese kit is in thr mail will give you some feedback on it

If you install them correctly they don’t slip. There are easier mounts to install, that’s not necessarily better.