First ride of the year = first eskate injury

A few days ago I went out on my first ride of the year, its been cold and icy here I took a chance and went out when it was not raining but was still a little wet.

I was riding my meepo deck swap on a Powell Steve Cab. 80’s reissue (way shorter than a longboard and has a real tail) I was going about 16mph on the pavement then got a little ‘stutter’ from the motors as they hit some rock salt / sand mix. I can normally cope with these stutters but with the sand+wet and turning next thing my back foot has left the board - was quite interesting to have a few seconds while I knew I was going to slam I had time to realise there was nothing I could do and had quick chuckled to myself when I thought ‘oh I wish I was in VR right now’ :slight_smile:

I slammed the road hard, my knee taking first hit, then my thigh then finally rotated onto my shoulder and back and came to a rest. I was only wearing a TSG Pass helmet, after inspection i see I would have hit my head on the front and on the back and feel incredibly lucky to have not done some real lasting damage to myself.

So here’s the thing - I own fully body armor and only wear it when i plan on going fast - now I will always wear at least


Glad you came out relatively unscathed. Thanks for sharing.

forgot to add that it wasn’t all bad I had a long running (years!) old back spasm problem on my trailing side that seems to be much improved, I can’t tell if its all the new pain detracting from the old but I seem to have more back movement than I had before my slam :wink:


I had a little spill on my board the other day too… just glad I was wearing my helmet that day instead of my cap which I normally wear… I would’ve had a nasty bang as my helmet took a good knocking! :confused:

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Dude those TSG boulders are legit…I haven’t seen those before. I have thought about getting shin guards. But I more so need ankle skin protection…I’ve only flipped my board and shinned myself a hand full of times in 20 years… So I haven’t done anything for my shins yet… but skinning ankles is getting old lol

I rock the TSG DHPs and hillbilly shorts

Ive tried the tripple 8 shorts…they aren’t as comfy.


Thanks, for those links, I am myself started to looking for protection as I enter monster power level :smiley:


Same here, after spending all my cash on the eboard now time to save for protections :smile:

For me bit shittier as I planning to move to new apartment :smiley:

hahaha I shifted last month… it’s still mostly empty but my eboard NEEDS to be ready ASAP :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: priorities… :sunny:

Back to the topic, do you guys know a catalog or something to check protections? I’m finding many brands and shapes but no clue where to start to get recommendations.

I’m planning to get a not-very-expensive helmet to minimize chances to kill myself and save some money, then one of those TSG or similar full head helmet are a total must.

I hate looking like an astronaut. I use motorcycle jeans. jeans

This site that has all the certified safety standards

as a note to anyone who eSkate’s without protection - beg borrow or whatever to get yourself safe I had a full face helm before my first eSkate arrived, previously to that I never wore helms but saw a docu on Kevin Pearce (snowboarder) - Wikipedia his accident convinced me get the TSG Pass full face

I’ll say this…

TSG DHP are the only street knee pads built to last, the side protection keeps the straps fresh and lasting forever. Every other street knee pad I have owned has fallen apart…

I wouldn’t ever buy another type of knees now that I own these and been in several crashes…where all others have fallen apart after 1 or 2 slides to the side of the knee.

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Is a Motorcross helmet safe? That’s what I use

You aren’t getting eye protection unless you got some googles or glasses. Plenty of head and face protection.

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@sk8l8r that’s allot to wear but in the winter it should be fine. I would recommend practicing falling that way you know how to prevent injuries I went down at 30mph with no gear on and I just got some scrapes because I was use to falling from skateboarding. You know that few seconds you have where your about to wipe out that’s when you should start a rolling action to avoid injuries. Also never push you board when its acting weird go slower and see if it’s doing ok. Also I know it looks stupid but elbow and forearm protection actually would help the most that’s where I got the most scrape’s.

Problem is the next fall is never the same as the last, or as investment companies would say “past performance is no guarantee of future results” aka “shit happens”. You can be the most amazing ninja but sometimes things don’t go the way you expect or you have to deal with other vehicles/people doing unpredictable things that don’t leave you with time to think. I’m guilty of lack of safety gear so not a ton of place to be talking really but I wouldn’t advise against wearing it.

Yes you should wear it also slide gloves those are awesome at giving you more options I was able avoid a stroller that was left in the middle of the sidewalk with those. They help with deceasing braking distance and let you change direction once you slowed down. Also jump off if you can the board will stop way faster.

Right I’m with you on the gloves, a buddy gave me his from longboarding some in CA and if you’re going slow enough then you can run off. That said if you can’t maintain 30mph running (no normal person can) and you were previously going 30mph then you’re going to be going down one way or another. Also, agree if you can roll out in a somewhat controlled manner then that’s a good option to bleed off some energy without scraping yourself up but if you don’t have enough time to react or get blind sided then whatever gear you have on (and luck) is the only thing stopping you from getting hurt.

Part of the issue with the gloves too is you’re basically limited to using one since you need a trigger finger available.

“Limits of speed. The record was 44.72 km/h (27.8 mph), seen during the final 100 meters sprint of the World Championships in Berlin on 16 August 2009 by Usain Bolt. (Bolt’s average speed over the course of this race was 37.58 km/h or 23.35 mph.)”

Yeah I went down on that 30mph one and I’m saying that even with all my skills being utilized I still got scraped up so its actually to recommend gear most people that I see riding have no idea how to fall. So I was saying on top of the gear just practice crashing go fast and fall onto some grass so you can get the mechanics of falling down it helps allot. If it’s a car or something yeah I have no idea how you can predict that. Also learn the power slide and speed check and other downhill techniques those guys really know what they are doing since they hit 70mph regularly.

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I’ve skated since about '84 but falling at skateboard speeds does not prepare you for anything at speed - my years of skating has helped recover from some real close calls, the most memorable when I hit a drain cover at full speed, found my board 2ft in the air as if I just nollied, the additional weight on the back wheels launched the back higher than the front.

Agree about the forearm protection if I was going much faster I would have lost my ability to work!