First running board of about 80

So this is the working prototype of the boards being built for our base in Korea. Background: Amwrican military in Korea of certain ranks may not drive a car and rely on Taxi’s that cost min 3$ per ride up to 2 miles after 2 miles the price increases tremendously. SO after getting my hands on a couple thousand 18650 batteries from valence I decided to build an electric vehicle that could be sold after you left to the next person comming here. My supervision bought the evolve carbon longboard and I was hooked. I studied engineering at the FH Trier in Germany and thought it would be an easy task to out perform his board. So here we are. Generic deck, 36-60V step down converter leds on front and back (so security forces dont get their panties in a bunch), 6354 sk3 motor single motor (for now my second diy skateboard vesc died at motor setup), 36t 15mm pulleys 3d printed, gullwing sidewinder2, motor mounts 3d printed, battery enclosure 3d printed ( unfinished), 84 18650 lifepo4 batteries in 14s6p. Single motor top speed out performs the evolve carbon board with 2 identical riders.


Cool ! Them batteries need a box though :joy::+1:

Its printing xD

14s? What kv is your motor? I think the VESC is only designed to go up to 12s.

Lifepo batterys are fully charged at 3.6V. Li-ion are fully charged at 4.2V. So 14S Lifepo has the same maximum voltage as 12S li-ion at 50.4V

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as ackmaniac said 14s lifepo4 is 12 Li-on. The case parts are printing nicely top will be abs and the bottom will pla.

Nice project. Gotta get pretty nice range on it. But how is the durability of the 3d printed motor mounts?

The range is awesome I charge it once a week to go to work. The motor mounts seem to be holding up great. I’ve printed these in pla but ordered carbon infused nylon for the other people’s boards.