First time build advice

Hey there, I am looking for a few pointers on my new build. I am just discovering the world of esk8 and would love some direction and advice. I will use it to get to school and around town. My area is quite hilly so that has a priority over speed. I don’t have much experience so 20 mph top speed is plenty. I will be taking this to school so I want to make it as low profile and light as I can. I don’t need it to have great range as everywhere I am going is close by, but I would like the charging to be seamless so I can just plug it in and charge in class. I don’t have many tools at my house so the fewer tools I need the better. I would prefer to be able to charge it without having to open it up. I would like it to have a power switch on the outside as well. I don’t want to have to carry around a big RC car controller and I would prefer something more pocket size. I have a budget of about $400 but I am willing to stretch it to 500. I am looking for advice, Links to parts, and/or experiences with this kind of build. all feedback is helpful.

thanks for your time.

245kv 63-- motor (2000W+) 6S battery (2x3s, so you can switch to 9s for more speed once you are experienced) 5000mAh 20C+ LiPo VESC / car ESC (VESC is better and you wll have the opportunity to switch to higher voltage later) BMS with a switch + power supply (I cant give any advice about it) for ultimate plug and play solution 15motor pulley / 36WHeel pulley If you have a longboard you should get in your budget without any problem…if you dont have one, get 180mm calibers, wheel pulley and motor mount from somone from this forum, stiff deck (easier for mounting the components), flywheel clones

ENclossure from food box, 3D printed or make one from fibreglass yourself…

IF you will use LiPo batteries as I mentioned above, you will have to check them from time to time if they are not damaged or puffy :slight_smile:

Max speed calculator with the parameters I have mentioned above:{“batt-type-lipo”:1,“batt-cells”:6,“motor-kv”:245,“system-efficiency”:90,“motor-pulley-teeth”:15,“wheel-pulley-teeth”:36,“wheel-size”:83}|


thanks a lot!!! that was super helpful

do you have any tips for a build with hub motors? I would ride it to school down hill mostly and then back up to go home, would need a range of about 6 kilometers and a easy charging solution.

Do you have any links to a BMS?

For cheap BMS check aliexpress…the “good ones” are from Bestech or Battery Supports

Could you recommend a Motor?