First time ordering parts in the Electric Skateboard community? Here's what to expect

I want to start off by saying a big thanks to the mods of this forum and the various vendors out that who have helped to shape and evolve our small industry. We’ve seen an explosion of new vendors and options for those looking to buy parts in the last 2 years, thanks in large to this community, which is in reality, a product of enertion. So thank you @onloop and everyone here who helps to keep this community thriving!

Now, down to the meat of this. So it’s your first or maybe second time buying parts in the community. You likely understand some parts, and are fuzzy about other things. It’s the natural evolvement for most of us who don’t have a history of building RC vehicles. Once you’ve determined what parts you need, you need to decide where you want to get them from.

  1. The first logical thing to do is to go to a one stop vendor, like DIYElectric or Enertion (except they are getting out of the parts game). You can get everything in one swoop, using getting a decent deal if your buying a kit for example. This is a great way into the industry, especially if you don’t have experience with RC vehicles.

  2. The other option is to look for specific parts, and design a build around one or more of those parts. You can select a deck for example, and then from that, decide the system (belt or hub). From that, narrow it down to the type of wheels and trucks you want, which may steer you in a direction for a certain type of motor mounts, or a certain type of hub motors.

Up until about a year or so ago, your options have been limited between Enertion, Alien Systems, DIYElectric, and a few local vendors for those in Europe and the US. They all offered parts and kits. Now, we’ve seen an explosion of community members selling parts in this community and others. Things like specific batteries, specific enclosures, custom remotes, ect. the list goes on. These are specific services that big vendors typically don’t offer. This makes the second option above much more possible today than it has been in the past.

Regardless of which option you chose to go down, everyone should understand a few things about this industry and how it works so as you order parts, you know what is possible, and in a lot of cases, normal.

  1. This industry is always evolving and changing, faster than most of us can keep up on.
  2. Most of us are normal people, some university students, some working professionals, all are enthusiasts.
  3. Delays from manufacturers are common, and unavoidable to some degree, whether this be a vendor or a guy making his own ESC and has to order parts to assemble, cut, carve, ect.
  • Because of #2, most people you buy parts from in this industry have some sort of day job.
  • Because of #1 and #2, people selling parts get busy. This in tern leads to the next point…
  • Because of #1, #2, and #3, DELAYS ARE COMMON! If you get parts in under a week, your extremely lucky. Under 2 weeks, pretty lucky. A month, lucky. It could be more than that. Be patient and understanding…
  • Because of #1, #2, and #3, and the fact that some sellers get more emails per day than they know what to do with, you might not get any response back or it might take longer than you’d expect to get a response back from a seller.

This is not amazon, this is the status of the electric skateboarding industry right now. Things might get better in the future, especially on the bigger vendor side, but at the end of the day, a guy whose working a day job, making and selling some parts for something that no one else is making, is doing the entire community a favor. We have luxury in the number of options we have because of small people who make parts on the side. It may seem like packing orders and shipping them and order new parts, and maintaining your site and ect. is not that much work, until you count how many tasks it really entails and the amount of time it takes just to ship even one package.

Regardless of you route, please be understanding that lack of communication and longer waiting times than you’d expect are normal. People are not always in it to rip you off (though that doesn’t mean let your guard down). Especially those who are well respected in this community. But complications do occur, and in this industry especially, it’s not uncommon, and should be expected. These people do care about your order, they do want to deliver your product. But 1 of dozens of potential problems can arise that cause some sort of delay or lack of communication. This doesn’t mean they don’t care about you or are trying to scam you.

Creating new threads on here every time you want to know why seller X is not emailing you back or you don’t agree with how seller X dealt with your situation, provides little information, besides informing the community that theres been another person with a problem of how seller X is dealing with their situation.

I believe that this information is useful, while the community as a whole decided that it is not. To help with the situation, I have devised 2 plans.

First, if you would like to know if a vendor has been seen in the community lately, please ask in this thread, so that this type of information request is centralized, and not cluttering up the forum.

Second, I plan to create a website called which will allow users to rate their experience with vendors or or sellers on the forum (similar concept to ratemyprofessor). This will give both buyers and sellers information about a seller, so that buys can make informed decisions, and sellers can learn the areas they need improvement in.

In the end, complaints are ok, just not on this forum. I would encourage everyone to rate their experiences with sellers, both positive and negative, so that we can all have better idea of how sellers are preforming.

More updates to come on the website, and hopefully, it will be ready sometime in the next month or so! Check back for updates!

Thank you community and best of luck luck in your future purchases. It’s a great time to be alive in the Electric Skateboarding Community!


This topic deserves to be pinned globally - great job man! I think you absolutely nailed every aspect of it

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Pinned globally. I’ll leave it pinned for a few days to get some activity on here. If the other mods think that it shouldn’t be pinned it will be unpinned. I reckon this is pretty good though.

Thanks for sharing this, though had I known this earlier I would have still been surprised that my hubmotors took 5 months to arrive :smile:

Trust me, as both someone who sells and buys on here, I’m surprised also sometimes.

But at the end of the day, you can’t always control what your manufacturers do. We are at their mercy, dealing with their holiday schedule and time line of production. theres no way to 100% guarantee the stream of raw materials, and especially a finished product thats manufactured (like most motors and battery packs on the market).

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True. And they did have good reasons for the delay. We’ll get there

@evoheyax btw, it’s etc. Not ect. :slight_smile:

in addition to the review site, i was thinking about a webapp that sellers can register their goods, then having a single form for builders to select the parts they’d need to complete a build.

so, let’s say, i’m @Titoxd10001 and have pulleys to sell. i would go to the page, say who i am, and enter the parts i have for sale. in this instance, pulleys.

someone with motors (@torqueboards, @jlabs, @yummyblobs), mounts (@Shogu12), focbox, etc, they all go register their goods. now we have an inventory for all parts available across multiple sellers collected in a single location.

shifting gears, let’s now say i’m a builder. i’m new, don’t know shit, but want to build a board.

this webapp would have a menu, of sorts, or a checklist of all the parts required to complete a build. each part would be a drop down and would present the different options they’d have. as the builder selects the parts, it would tally up totals so they can get an idea of what they’d be spending. once parts are selected, it would then generate an order which would be sent to each of the seller.

at the moment individual sellers are using this forum’s posts as their marketing, which we all know gets lost in the noise.

let me know what you think.

i’m writing a small app at the moment to facilitate group guys, because i saw just how chaotic and disorganized they can get.

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I know similar marketplace was created at one point, though I don’t know whatever happened to it…

I think not enough people adopted it. The real thing is you need a following to get any of these kinds of projects going. It’s not always so easy as through up a site.

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I made the eSk8 market for seller to register and sell items, group buys to be ran etc. utterly failed and I lost quite a bit of money.

It dosnt look as good now as I stopped attending to it.

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@JLabs the site was great… too bad it didnt catch enough momentum to continue on… so it completely dead? Also Us market section?

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It’s all going to die in June. I bought when you’re hosting insecurity and when it runs out there won’t be anymore. It’s just too expensive and didn’t pay for itself

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@JLabs hah okay… maybe make a public notice for this for everyone to witness the sad destiny of your nice esk8 marketplace you created a while ago :frowning:

Some should still remember it lol… u did put some effort into it anyways…

Oh man I put so many hours into that website it wasn’t even funny. But if it wasn’t for the market place I would be where I was today selling parts and moving to bigger better things.

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@JLabs yeh… some things just propel you further… even if they didnt succeed and took shitton of time to do… Sorry it happened… but hey, you got plenty of other projects to work on, im pretty sure :slight_smile:

Yep I got some cool things coming up!

I thought this site was a storefront for your own merchandize? Didn’t know it was intended for others to register their products.

The app I was thinking about would operate a bit more easily, it’ll be lightweight and shouldn’t be too much coding either.