First time sensoring motors: Any experts have advice?

So I’m looking for advice out their from anyone with experience installing sensors. Any advice?

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Hi. I am slowly (don’t have much spare time) mounting sensors on my sk3 236kv motors. What would you like to know?

Best mount angles? Do you need to be super precise about the mounting angle? Are they sensitive to heat?

I haven’t had any heat issues and I run several sk3 190kv motors that I sensored. I usually fit the sensors between the stators on the mounting side of the motor but it doesn’t really matter which side you put them on. I have always put them at 120 degrees apart.

What about the positioning of the sensor in respect to the stator. Is there a correct side of the sensor that should be touching the stator? Can I put it on it’s side so it fits better in the grooves on the stator?

I have only placed them with the smaller side facing outward without issue. Sometimes I’ve had to dremel the stator a little.

What do you use to attach them to the stator?

5 min epoxy