First time spot welding.. how’s this look? Thanks!

First time spot welding EVER so not sure what I’m looking for… I know I read that when you pull it apart the welds should stay which they do… here is whatit looked like and what do you guys think? Thanks!imageimage

To me that looks like a solid weld And those gloves wont protect you from anything nor your sweat from arms/grease wont bother the welding at all

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Oh I thought your fingertips touching anything metal could mess something up

I press the electrodes of my spot welder with my bare hands

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I guess you weld at the speed of a grandma or?

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Yes. I usually spot weld pretty slow :older_woman:


Ok so after the same weld went well… I started to spot well a battery pack and the first two welds came out good but then on the 3rd weld there was a larger spark on the red tip… and now it dosent look like it’s welding correctly… I took a pic of the lipo battery im using and im using the audrino spot welder with 17ms at first but then I lowered it to 15ms after the sparks and it still is sparking and looks the like the spot where the red tip is too powerful and the black tip spot is not???rcw9fIT9TJySufPMk9vM%25QAJJCkFC7RlaagBDN%20Sj7%20A

Put the electrodes on an angle Reduce the time a bit, and add some"pre sparks" the number at the bottom left Put it to 2 or 3 and try

keep in mind nickel to nickel weld is not the same as nickel to steel (your cell).

if you’re setting specs for nickel to nickel then using that for nickel to steel you may be over energizing.


Yup, nickel to nickel is more difficult to weld. I would suggest to lower the puls to 10ms, and hold the welding cables at maybe ~50° angel

@Danny414 your are welding in an incorrect spot, remember you need to weld nickel over the positive lead of the battery, otherwise you are welding nickel and air, this causes sparks a really bad weld burning the nickel.

You need to weld inside this red circle


If you ever weld here you will cause a short and possible fire, you need to be more careful my friend, I’m really worried about this battery build



Thank you very much for the info. Should I pull this cell out? Is there a way to tell if it’s shorted?

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Very helpful, thank you!