First Timer Double Check

Thanks to you all for enlightening me on all of the different things to think about when building an esk8. Hopefully I’ve done my homework but I’m looking for a final check before I start assembling my first build this weekend. :grinning:

Amazon Longboard

Caliber II Trucks

@johnny_261 15mm Pulley Kit Fits the Caliber II trucks great

@korryh Motor Mount Fits the Racerstar 50XX motors with no problem

Racer Star 5065 200KV

Ebay Single ESC

2x Ebay alarmhookup 10s2p Pack The LG cells are pictured but I’ll be using the high drain Sona cell packs Does anyone know how the BMS’s are on these? I’m planning to charge them in parallel with a 42V hoverboard-style charger.

Ebay 150A Watt/Amp Meter Using this to measure current going to ESC and when I charge, current going into the battery pack

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I wouldn’t permanently wire the wattmeter to the board. Just use it for testing. Or get one of the $20 BT modules and you get the same information and it’s much smaller.

Also just to make sure, it’s ok to plug the phase wires in any order as long as it’s running unsensored?

Answered my own question by reading. Yes is the answer.

Like this?

Those look awesome, but I’m not sure how it would work with my setup as I’m not using a vesc.

You should look into using a vesc

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