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HEY EVERYONE! new to the community and i’ve been snooping around for days. I saw casey Neistat riding one of those boosted boards and i was like “Dang i gotta get me one” Unfortunately/fortunately my bank account doesnt agree at the moment #poorcollegefreshman Anyways, i decided, hey, my major is Electrical Engineering, it would give me some good experience if i tried to build one myself. and my search brought me here.

WHAT I AM LOOKING FOR: References and Guidance WHAT I INTEND TO USE THE BOARD FOR: Get around campus mainly with a little bit of speed 15-20mph, climb like 10-15 degree hills. i’m about 180 pounds currently and dropping fast. so by the time im done (im guessing a couple of weeks) i should be around 175pounds. My budget id say is around ~$600 and i guess i could go a bit up or down if needed/required.

I know nothing about decks or any of the sort. so im hoping the community can jump in on this one. I live in upstate New York if anyone is trying to lend me a hand :smile:

Thank you! I look forward to responses/suggestions.

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Got any specific questions? It’s all about reading at the beginning. There are a few threads to take a look at:

Personally I like build threads the most. You learn a lot more from someone explaining it and showing pictures than anything else in my opinion. Some good build threads:

If you search ‘LHB’ you will find some great builds.

If your a complete newb this does a good job explaining (written a long time ago)

…Also, check out the builds section. You might find a board that meets your needs. If so, you’ve got a shopping list and someone has already done it.

@JLabs Thanks for the articles! ill start reading them now to gain a better understanding of configuration of the board :smiley: , I came here also hoping people could give me suggested builds from which i could work of off and ask more questions from. Its hard to ask questions about a thing you dont know about :’) .

thank you for this! i will be back soon with my thoughts and questions!

Okay I’m Back with a potential list of what i want. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Board - Double Kick tail maple, top mount : ----- $36 -------

Batteries- Enertion 10S3P : ----- $293-------- (decided to use enertion because of the enclosure, BMS, display and charger)

Motor - tURNIGY Aerodrive SK3 - 168Kv- 6374: ------ $80.08------

Controller- HobbyKing’s GT2B: ----- $21.94------

Charger- Turnigy 101-BC Charger: ---- $6.56------

Trucks- 184mm Caliber trucks: ----- $37.50$

Wheels - 83mm Flywheel clones: ----- $25.99----

VESC - VESC BLDC Controller: diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/vesc-the-best-electric-skateboard-esc/ ---- $99.99-----

Single bolt Motor Mount : diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/single-bolt-on-motor-mount-only/ -----$60.00-----

36T ABEC for gear and pulleys : diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/36t-abec-drive-pulley-belt-combo-kit/ ---- $46.99-----

Let me know what you think!

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What are you going to do for a enclosure? And a loop key.

oh i hadn’t thought about a loop key and i bear in mind that i would have to buy various connectors for the VESC and batteries. I am looking at some basic setup diagrams to get an idea of what cables i would have to buy.

Any suggestions for loop key? Also, i might either buy and enclosure, or search the internet for something good and waterproof. How do i hookup that battery monitor?

@JLabs has a way better deal on a battery

jUST saw that! will be upgrading! nice cost saver

Don’t be hasty think it through. don’t forget little parts and pay for shipping twice.

oh definitely! thats why i’m compiling the full list of main parts first, once i have that down i will be moving forward to ask about the small parts and connectors, wires and the lot.

Say, if i wanted to waterproof my board using a spray, how would i go about doing so?

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For the wood?

and the electronic parts? im guessing the VESC. i saw it on some thread on here, someone using it to waterproof their Genesis Eboard, i was just wondering if a waterproof enclosure handled all of that

U can pot it I believe

i dont exactly get what you mean, could you explain a bit more in detail? thanks!

U dip it in an epoxy or something but not recvomended because of heat

Best thing to do is scotch guard and rubber seal for wood or an abs enclosure and rubber sealant

Just build it first and worry about making it water resistant later. That stuff can be found at any hardware store.

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