Fish Hook (in reverse) - Thumb option for the mini remote - Files added 01.18.19

Going out today 20190104_111645


Can only hope that orange one is coming to me lol


There are two blue and two orange No idea which went where… :slight_smile:

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Yep, one of the options

So, this is something I became aware of like 15 minutes ago, while writing the manual.

There are two versions of the mini (maybe more) with slightly different bolt sizes (see picture) The boards inside are the same size and the same locations for the key components.

Smaller bolt size (right on the picture), with bigger resonator crystal on the bottom. Bigger bolts (left on the the picture), with smaller resonator crystal on the top.

The case was designed for the smaller bolts. (AFAIK this is the newer version of the mini)

Both boards will fit inside with no problem. Bolt size affect only the outer case assembly (4 bolts), bigger head won’t fit the recesses.

This is something that can be fixed later, but for now be aware of this. Dani



Here is the “manual”.

It is basic and will be expanded in the future, but for now it is out there so everyone could assemble their remotes.

Please feel free to ask any questions



@danile Youre the one that built the 3 rail deck! Can I get a link to that build if there is one please

I’m late to the party, great work!

So… you’ve printed at 4 remote shells for me in past, I’ve got your Gt2b in baggy ready to send, then I discovered epoxy resin casting.

I took your remote Gt2b apart and reshaped it my liking to make a cast for later. I didn’t use my mod because frankly the first go around was messy and tough to unpack.

Can I be a tester the second build round if you make them? Just need prints and maybe bearing. I’ll prob pick up several mini’s from @psychotiller when I can get free.

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That’s me :slight_smile:

Here you go: The files are available here:


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No problem , you will get the second wave.


Can it be set w pull for acceleration? I’m hooked on pull

Yes. You can flip the red and black leads which connect to the pot


I got my kit today, working on it now (while Im at work :slight_smile:).


Mine got delivered today! I can’t wait to get home and start tinkerin!


:stuck_out_tongue: mines together and working lol.

In no way does this affect functionality but ive notice the thumb wheel sits a little cocked to one side. I think it’s more of an print alignment between the two pieces.

Nontheless, it fits well in the hand. I feel like a Hawaiian surf god or some shit holding it lol.

@danile I think if you take the top add screw I mentioned and put it more at the apex of the top, you should be fine on clearance inside.


Glad everything was delivered! Good luck and do post some pictures Dani

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So after a full ride with the remote…

Holding it is comfortable. Although I think it would feel more form fitting if the edges were more rounded. Just my opinion though.

The power switch is just the slightest pain to switch lol. I usually don’t have nails so having to push harder to reach the switch. Maybe if he hole was a tad bit wider to be able to squeeze more of your finger tip in.

Throttle is smooth, not catchy or draggy. Again I think its just alignment between the two pieces for the wheel leaning to one side. However it does not affect functionality of the thumb wheel.

Assembly was pretty straight forward. Only issue I had was the screw hole on the hook tip stripped out very easily. Its still holding together though. I’ll end up adhering the two pieces together.

As a whole I’m quite happy with it. It preformed as I expected my other Mini to perform, flawlessly.0108192103c_Film1 0108192102_Film1 0108192103_Film1 0108192103a_Film1 0108192103b_Film1 0108192102a_Film1


glued in m2 or m3 thread inserts could help the screws to hold without to strip.


Much appreciated your feedback, thank you! Here is my take from it:

  1. Check if possible to round the edges.
  2. Make recess at the on/off switch, make it more accessible.
  3. Holes for lanyard (love your choice of color :slight_smile:)
  4. Make the hoe diameter smaller, so it won’t strip easily.
  5. Add two bolts at the apex (as we talked in DM)

For the printed thumb piece. You can slide it further on the pot assembly (rather than leaving it flush with the rod), it was designed to allow this. Then it will be centered.

Did you feel it was slightly on the fat side?

Thanks again, Dani

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