Fish Hook (in reverse) - Thumb option for the mini remote - Files added 01.18.19

Hi everyone

It’s almost 2019 and it’s good time to introduce this repackage option I’ve been working on for a while. It took more than I wanted, but the more frequent updates were on IG I love the mini remote, as many of you, but I’m leaning towards thumb control, so this is a version where we take the internals of the mini and put it inside a nice 3d printed enclosure which features thumb control.

I know there have been several versions of the same conversion, and this one is mine. If nothing else, we have more options now :slight_smile:

Here are the key features:

  1. LiPo battery 300/600mAh +charger/balancer board.
  2. Simple regulator to convert LiPo output to 3.3v for the main PCB.
  3. Using the dial pot from the mini + bearing supported.
  4. Full access to mini buttons at all times.
  5. Feels good in the hand (personal opinion)
  6. Only 3 3d printed parts, PLA works great for me with 60% infill

I’m almost ready to release the files, and working on the “conversion instructions” now. Before that, I need help

I’m no authority on esk8 remote ergonomics, so I’m looking to collect feedback. I want to send 3-4 kits to people who have the mini and want to do the transition. I’ll include the battery, charging board, regulator and the bearing. You will have to add the mini.

*this is done strictly for improving the design, the files will be then shared freely.

So, what do you think? Any volunteers?

Thanks, Dani

20181228_135948 20181219_104803 20181219_104813 20181211_214257

Good morning (01.18.19)

Thank you for your support and patience. The .stl files are now available from Thingiverse, Thing: 3363745

I did several more iterations since the testing phase:

  • Added material for stiffer bearing support, and an additional bolt in the throttle area.
  • The thumb thingy is now centered, and the on/off switch is easier to access.
  • Added two holes for the lanyard.

To overcome the issue from post 37, I changed the bolts which connect the two halves together. You will now need five M2.2x10mm self-tapping bolts, something like this.

The inner pieces are still using the bolts from the mini (don’t forget to clip the thumb assembly bolts)

Now, regarding the parts needed to complete the switch (besides the mini) All of them are cheap and some of them you probably already have (come on, this is a diy forum :slight_smile: ) That said, they are even cheaper if bought in bulk (~10+pc vs. one by one)

So here is the thing:

I’ve received several DM’s regarding the printed parts and whether I can print them for members.

Because I want this remote to be available to anyone, and I have small quantity of parts available (missing the batteries now), I will be able to sell several kits – everything you need (printed parts + the inside hardware) minus the mini. (I promise bright colors)

DM me if you’re interested.

And one last thing:

I really want this to be a living project. Anything you want to add/comment/modify/request please share in this thread or DM me and I’ll do my best to apply.

Enjoy, Dani

(@dosimplecarbon on IG for more frequent cool stuff)


I just got a mini remote. I’d be down to test!


O o o me me me. Please


I got a spare mini. I’m down!

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I see the slit on the bottom but I’m curious, is that for a lanyard?

I’m in, I have 4 minis now, 2 still in the pack. Been looking for an option for months.


On the blue case? It was an earlier version, the bolt was too close to the edge, so didn’t print as it should. It’s fixed now


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Looks like we have enough testers. Will probably be ready earlier next week. Will let you know, Dani


‎ Shibby!

I’m down for sure, just got a mini since I’ve heard good things, but I’m far more used to the thumb trigger.

Oooo me 2 me 2!


I’m ready



Can we please have this a “you know what” thing???

A radio n speaker inside too? Be cool to be able to cruise the dial while riding. Primo speaker n bigger battery. Or a laser pointer I bet would do a lot for safety. Can make the laser spot dance at intersections and point out the finer asses. Humm. no one is yelling lasers are dangerous.


There is enough room inside for future additions…


I might be interested in one. If there’s a way to fit a Bluetooth module in there I can probably design a clip-on mechanism so you could attach @janpom 's DAVEga to it.

DAVEga is designed to be plugged directly into a VESC. The bluetooth module would have to have a UART interface and implement the same communication protocol as a VESC for it to work. Plus, it requires 0.5W, so it would drain the remote battery pretty quickly.

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Where and how do we sign up…also what tools and or skill level is required…basic solding? Or what?

No sign up, there are enough people for the first, call it beta test, batch.

Eventually, you’ll need to print it, unscrew/screw some bolts and solder some wire. Simple, daily stuff for this forum.

Thanks, Dani

I want it I want it!! Btw any reasons why the top of it has that curved hook-like?