Fix Youtube Video Fullscreen Function

This needs a fix. Hitting the fullscreen button on any Youtube video posted on this site does not function as normal. For some reason the coding for this website makes embedded Youtube videos quit playing after hitting fullscreen button.


Yeah, but that’s nothing @onloop can fix. Imply thing he can do is notify Discourse of the bug. It is very irritating tho.

Yeah whenever I click full screen it will exit out and take me up into the posts.

Same here. I usually just open it in youtube’s website.

it seems to have been fixed with an update:

i guess we just wait for it to get updated here. also I hear zooming to 110% fixes it too.

If you fail to watch embedded videos in fullscreen mode on other sites out of YouTube, the most likely reason is the website owner has disabled fullscreen function.Just click “YouTube” icon in the lower right corner to watch the original videos on YouTube. Certain browser add-ons and extension may make YouTube videos not full screen. Try to disable all of your plugins and then enable them one by one until you determine which is causing YouTube not showing full screen mode. Beyond that, out-of-date browser, Flash Player and Video Card Driver can lead to this problem. This article also provides details to fullscreen problem:

That’s weird, works for me using Chrome. Only problem with going full screen from within the forum is the resolution is so terrible. I’ve taken too ‘watching in/on YouTube’ by clicking the icon in the bottom right hand corner…

This issue has been fixed here.