FIXED! Enertion Steeze Remote: A+B buttons

Anyone have a link to purchase the buttons on the board for the Steeze remote’s A+B buttons? Mine are not working well. Seems like more of a pain to send the whole remote back to Enertion for a 5 minute solder job. Plus I’ll be without a remote!!!

Can you buy just the buttons? Pic?

There has been a couple threads on this subject. I would avoid sending it back to Enertion if you can… you’ll be without a remote for months. Although they might replace it with a new nano-x?

If you still have the buttons intact, you can open it up to re-solder them back in place. They are prone to damage due to the way they are soldered onto the board. I fixed my B button in about 30 min with a tiny bit of super glue and extra solder. Be very sparing with the glue if you use that method, as use could mess up the pcb board if your not careful.

The problem is that the buttons I got were bad to begin with. No click on the A button when I first got it and the B button has now gone out too. Enertion said I could open up a ticket to return it, but that seems like a long process when I could solder new buttons on in few minutes. Probably be a lot cheaper than shipping too. I asked about just getting replacement buttons, but I don’t think they are able to do that.

@michaeld33 - I’ll open it back up later on and take a pic of it. I don’t think it’s anything that special. Just a small momentary button.

I’ve heard a lot of people complain about the buttons on the steez… Probably a QC issue or something.

Here’s a pic of the button. If I press my A button at just the right angle, it works.

Considering how this is made, I can’t see it lasting that long even if I do get another button. I’m thinking of installing a separate button and connecting it to the board with wires. Just have to find a surface mount button that will fit.

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So my A button totally stopped working, so I made a quick work around until my external panel buttons come in. I pulled off the original button and soldered a couple patch wires and let the ends hang out. I have dubbed it “The Mantis Remote”. ha ha!

Send pa c to enertion and they should send you another remote .

They already told me I could send it back for repair/replacement, but at this point, I only have one remote. Being this is the best time of year to esk8, I really didn’t want to have my board out of commission while the remote gets shipped overseas. Besides the bad buttons, the remote has been working fine. So I figure I’ll install a couple of external buttons and not worry about it. Besides, I feel like the buttons are not in the most durable configuration and the same thing could eventually happen again. It’s skate gear, so it’s not like I’m going to be able to baby it.

Given its faulty ask for them to send replacement. Send your pics with request. True about design.

I’ll have to try that. They’re skaters there too. They might understand!

Although they’re in Australia, not NYC. Skating is a bit different when it’s sub zero.

These steez remote buttons are a pain. @longhairedboy has fixed them before, so maybe he can give you some insight.

I ordered a couple of these. They mount in an 8mm hole. Going to mount one on the side of my Steez. Might not look so pretty, but should solve any issues with the Steez buttons.

Steez Remote repaired! Got the momentary buttons in and wired them up. Mounted it to the side of the remote. Just enough room if I bent the pins to fit alongside the A+B buttons. It’s a good fit and works perfectly. Only did the “A” button for now. Will wire up the B button on the other side at some point.