[FL] [WTS] Complete Cantellated Tesseract Build 2x6374 Unity 12s4p

I have this complete build for sale. Unfortunately, I have to part from this beast due to an unrelated sports injury. The board is working great and has been used for one season only. Asking $1,500 US OBO, shipping from FL (could also be shipped from Montreal, Canada).

  • Deck: Loaded Cantellated Tesseract
  • Enclosure: Custom made, Fiberglass (inner layer), Carbon Fiber (2x2 Twill)
  • Trucks: 218mm Extended Calibers
  • ESC: Focbox Unity
  • Motors: 2 x 6374 180KV
  • Wheels: Orangatang Caguama (85MM) Blue, dyed black
  • Trucks: TorqueBoards 218mm Trucks
  • Truck mounts: Whoosh 80mm adjustable plates, Caliber II clamps, 2 x Crossbar
  • Belts: 300m HTD5 15mm belt
  • Battery: 12s4p 30Q professionnaly build by @thisguyhere
  • Pulley/Gears: 36T Kegel Pulley, 16T Motor Pulley with 8mm bore (metal)
  • Remote: 2.4Ghz Mini Remote Controller
  • Charger: 50.4V 4A charger

If you have any question feel free to contact me.

Video: https://imgur.com/a/klM0gfX

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2000 for that??? You can get a trampa for that. This is worth more in the 1300 dollar range imho


Beautiful board, but you can’t expect to break even selling a used DIY board. Especially if you “need” to sell it. You’ll have a better time getting someone to reimburse you on facebook or insta.