Flashing firmware on vesc?

I have bought a Vesc from esk8.de from one on the forum. The vesc have the firmware 3.29 on it and i can’t find any vesc tool that supports that. So i want to knoe if it is safe to flash the vesc with the firmware on ackmaniacks tool? I have heard about frying the drv chip by flashing the vesc with new firmware.

This is what i get from the vesc tool B7F55172E3B44BA68A8E50C5A299639B

DF6E0C7462784740B7FAC55B105D87DC Any form of tips and solutions would be appreciated :pray:

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Try the VESC tool from vedder online free to download. It will come with bin files to update your VESC. Sometimes it takes a few goes. Off/on reconnect retry update and repeat to get going.

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ah okay thanks, and this won’t cause any fried drv or anything?

I had some of his vesc too a time ago. But he recommended me to don’t change the firmware…of any reason I didn’t understood. Don’t know how it is at the moment. So if you want to flash the Eck firmware you need his services tool ( download his vesc tool). Guess you already made. If you open it up it will give you the error message that’s normal. Go to firmware like you did and now the most important thing you need to choose the right hardware to your vesc. Esk8de vesc should be a 4.12hw if i’m not wrong so you need to choose 410 411 412. Upload and you good to go. You can only damage your vesc if you upload the wrong version to the wrong hw and even than you should be able to flash the right firmware with a stl v2 link to get everything running again

Nice, i can see on the tool that my vesc’s hardware is 410, so i guess i just have to upload the new firmware

:ok_hand: than 410 is what you need right

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Perfect, thank you so much

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