Flashing VESC6 Firmware

I got a ESCape kit from bimmer and soldered all the parts. I got this STLink programmer from aliexpress and connected NRST, SWDIO, GND, SWCLK and VCC in order to flash the vesc 6 firmware. When I plugin the usb dongle I don’t hear any connection sound on windows 10. There is no new COM port on device manager. I installed the STlink utility but I can’t connect.

Anyone else got the same problem? What could it be? Any help is appreciated.

EDIT: Nevermind. The other VESC worked… but on this one no LED is flashing, I guess a soldering mistake.

Anyways, I am not quite sure. Should I flash the firmware or the bootloader?

https://github.com/vedderb/vesc_tool/blob/master/res/bootloaders/60_o_75_300.bin or

pretty sure you dont need the VCC if the vesc is powered up

You don’t need the VCC. Perform a chip erase, flash the FW, then burn the bootloader using VESC Tool. I had issues burning bootloader using the STlink (weird, isn’t it ?), using VESC Tool was the easier and more reliable way to do so.

I am having the same issue but i cant get the com to pop up not sure why. i erased the chip and installed the hex file but i cant find the vesc com 3.

You soldered the vesc yourself or did you buy it, if so which one?