Flatland 3D Full Finger Gloves COUPON CODE

Flatland 3D has offered us a discount code for 10% off their new esk8 gloves: SHARETHEROAD This code works with their other products as well.

For those who doesn’t know about these gloves, they implemented KNOX slide pads into the palm to help protect your wrist in the event of a fall, for the full finger gloves, they added a wrist guard of sorts which prevents your wrist from bending backward. Personally this is very welcomed as I always wear a wrist guard that make holding remotes very awkward.


This is KNOX explained:



Seems good.

Review from Preston


This is better then regular gloves, or God forbid no gloves at all, but I’ll stick with my slide gloves with pucks sized and fitted for a remote. That way if my vescs happen to go out bombing lookout mountain some day I’ll be able to finish the run as if I were riding analog.

How do people fall on hands without slide gloves? Does it hurt?



just a little bit lol


Ahg!! Jeeebers, :persevere:

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1548224126258760605196145492701 Yep


I just gone mine in. Right out of the bag I got a defective one. Seems to happen to me a lot :unamused: image


@Mikenopolis Get a replacement like @Chupacabra did.


Damn. At least mine wasn’t something that would make the gloves unusable. They definitely seem to have had some QC issues with this batch.

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yeah already on it. I was so excited they came in a day early too.

These look like they’re actually worth the money.


yeah, add in that crescent moon shape puck and it’s golden.

I like their idea of a wrist protection in these but realize that hard plastic spine is what make these gloves hard to put on and take off. Once I get them on, the large fit me perfectly as their sizing chart indicated. but it’s a bit of a struggle getting my knuckles when that hard plastic is there. I did take it out and it was an much easier process.

They haven’t gotten back to me about the replacement, I might just take out the sewing kit and fix it myself so I can use it this weekend. (noticed it’s on both gloves, definitely a weak point in their production)


It’s a real shame as these gloves are so expensive - I don’t think they are good value for money

Did you see the ones @akhlut linked? They look great.

No mate, I’ve been off the forum for a few days. There was a post on reddit about them been bad quality too and then just clicked this one

A few posts up. London based company I think.

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Ah yeah I saw.it after I wrote that. They look great but are you going to be able to operate a thumb wheel with those on?

Edit - those turquoise ones are life :heart_eyes:

I use a trigger and have some similar ones from Sector nine and I cut the trigger finger off!

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Bro I don’t even use gloves right now - pretty silly I know

I need to get some