Flatland pro gloves vesc 4.2 and remote

Got a set of extra large flatland gloves vesc 4.2 dual and the 4.2 remote all brand new never used aside from the vesc having a plug soldered (have been opened though) for sale $50 for the gloves $70 for the vesc and $30 for the remote pictures are below prices are American dollars and I am located in Virginia USA but will ship anywhere if you pay for it

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You are on a international forum where dozens of nationalities meet each other.

Listing a number without the currency is rather unhelpful.

(Not listing from where you are is also kinda counterproductive when selling something)

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Thanks for the advice haven’t really sold anything on here so I don’t know what I’m doing lol

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I’ll take the gloves if you’re willing to ship (Texas) and we can work out a payment method. Thanks.

Still interested in selling? Haven’t heard from you.

I just paid him for the VESC and remote

Just sent payment for the gloves.

Should be able to ship either today or tomorrow. Also need an address

Replied with the address in my PM.

Feedback: Erominef sent the gloves I bought from him on the same day he received payment from me. They were as represented in his post and the transaction went perfectly. Good seller in my book.


I want the remote and vesc please