Flex on a Loaded Dervish going 40mph+

Hello all, so I had some questions about a build I’m making.

I’m building a board with the following components:

TB 12s4p Samsung 30Qs FOC UNITY 36/18 ratio TB 218 trucks Loaded Dervish flex 2 board 107mm flywheels 192KV SK8 motors TB motor mounts 12mm belts

My concern is that even once I mount all the components that I’m waiting on, like the battery with the enclosure that torque board provides, I’m going to have too much flex on the deck to be able to go 40 mph+ like my board is rated to go. Please leave any suggestions or comments or solutions!!


At 40mph you really don’t want a board that has flex it causes instability.


Is there any way to stiffen the loaded dervish flex 2 that I have right now? I love the design and feel of the board and I’m not sure I can return it now that I already own it… any tips?

Make a still enclosure underneath

I’ve gone 31mph with hubs mounted using the drop throughs on a dervish flex1, didn’t get any wobbles, but could feel it want to start get sketchy. Can’t say I’d feel more comfortable going faster than that on a more flexy deck.

But just because it’s rated to 40mph doesn’t mean you have to ride it at 40mph…

Are you doing dual 6374?

You can do a carbon fiber or fiber glass layer around the deck and it would strengthen and stiffen it.


You can skin a layer of fiberglass underneath, you can mount the enclosure and it’ll stiffen it a bit, and you can change bushings to stabilize the ride a bit

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You’re using a cruiser deck for high speed downhill. If you want to go these insane speeds, get plenty of rated protections and a stiff deck. Edit: unless the enclosure is segmented, you’re going to kill the battery with the flex.


suggestions… Get an EVO deck,

Get a full face helmet

Get more protection

Learn to be comfortable at 30, before teasing 40mph.


Do you already have the deck or are you deciding?

Adding something like CF to the bottom would work but cost would be high

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Yes, I am using dual

I already bought it, yes, how much would that cost?

What do you mean by kill the battery?

How would I put fiberglass on it & how much would it cost?

Okay, yes, I donf HAVE to go 40mph, I want to go at that speed sometimes, with my past board I hit 38 consistently and I love the feeling.

Depends you can do it yourself or have some one do it for you.

Um idk 150 mabye

Fiberglass is a cheaper option but doesnt look that good.

Idk the price on that.

Oof, that’s expensive, I’ll check it out

I have gone downhill on a tan tein 36 mph and it was sketch, would not want to go that fast

I agree with deckoz that a rayne deck would be perfect for higher speeds, love my darkside

Never mind y’all, I went to the skate shop and they let me trade it in for a Loaded Tesseract

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