Flexible Battery & Electronics Enclosure

I’ve been longboarding for about 4 years now, mainly just for cruising. I have recently gotten interested in the electric skateboards for getting around campus. But my problem is, that I love a flexible deck. I have a Sector 9 42" very flexy board I plan on using. I am a very small guy, so I don’t make the board flex that much. I’m about 125 pounds.

I plan on getting 3x 3s 5000/8000mAh batteries. I was thinking that I would attach all of my parts horizontally with Velcro and than cover everything with a flexible material like silicon again attached with Velcro. Would this work?

Also, for my build, I want to be able to obtain at least 20-25 mph, and also want it to last a while. I plan on going with single motor design. What “C” rating for the battery and which motor would you recommend. I might also do 3x 4s instead of 3x 3s.

Thanks Guys!

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Yeah you could just Velcro it…people do it…but not advisable since puncturing lipos is …No Bueno

Plenty of options to cover your stuff

Calculate http://calc.esk8.it

It can be done, Boosted did it. Just copy their design. 1 small enclosure right behind the front trucks for the batteries and 1 small enclosure in front of the rear trucks for the electronics. Use 2 5s/5000 20-25c Lipos in series for max power in a compact battery. Use 10 awg silicone wire ran back to the electronics Get a Vesc speed control and a 190kv 63mm motor This setup should give you at least 25mph and a range of at least 10 miles, probably more

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take a look at OKP, Squad, and Whitepony’s Vanguard builds - a great example of some amazingly skilled folks building better than boosted.

Like Namasaki said - just separate your batteries and ESC/VESC w/ the middle open to flex.

A single motor setup for your weight should be easy. I’d still recommend 12 or 15mm wide belts.

Look at the usual gear calculators to build for the top speed you want. Go backwards from there and remember to calculate your Watt Hours (Wh) if you want an idea of miles per charge. (10Wh = 1km - usually). So some simple math and you have a good starting point!



Lipo batteries are very volatile. and need to be securely mounted and protected with an abs enclosure. Because if a rock or stick or curb or speed bump hits those batteries and breaks an opening in one of the cells so that air gets inside the battery, it will explode into flames that will engulf your board.


I’ve been looking for ways to do a 15mm belt setup, could you reference me to the ones you would get/have?

Very good to know haha, what small enclosures would you recommend?



Isn’t that a 12mm?

Hey so your right about puncturing LiPo’s being like really bad, but I have actually cut into just the surface of a LiPo pouch before and had nothing happen. Pretty much what happened was I screwed a bolt down into the battery(On accident obviously), but it only cut a small hole in the silver pouch and it didnt heat up or anything. What causes LiPo’s to start to smoke and catch fire is when you short the battery and it heats up inside which lights the electrolyte on fire, not air reacting with the electrolyte. Im just adding this on to be more accurate though your still definitely right about them being extremely volatile.

Thanks for the clarification, I though it was exposing them that caused the reaction.

yes 12mm

I’m running 9mm on my dual drive and even run my belts pretty loose with no prob. 12mm is probably fine for single drive 15mm, well, the wider you go, the harder it is to make it fit and the more drag you get. I would just go with 12mm for single

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Okay Thanks!

Would getting 2 5s/8000mAh 20-25c give me longer run time?

What wheels you think I should get for my build, I live in Florida, so virtually no hills here. I was thinking the 90mm Flywheels 78a?

The flight max 8000 series would increase your range substantially and they have a very high discharge rate. I would recomend 90mm for increased speed and increased ability to run over obstacles. 78a us good but the 75a is better if you can find some. In running 90mm 75a abec 11 The softer wheel is still very durable and provides a smoother ride with more grip

I’m trying to find 75a 90mm, but it looks like all of them are out of stock :frowning:[quote=“Namasaki, post:17, topic:8785”] The flight max 8000 series would increase your range substantially and they have a very high discharge rate. [/quote]

I will look into those

Is there any reason not to do a 2x 6s 5000/8000 mAh batteries? Obviously would be using a VESC