FLEXIBLE Electric skateboard enclosure | files

Hello Everyone!

I designed a flexible enclosure for a friend and i thought it would be a good idea to share it with you guys.

Link to the enclosure: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3444705

It’s designed for a 10s3p battery with a bms and 1x vesc ect. (but please not, there is only space for one vesc, if you wanna use two, you have to print one more piece.)

In every piece you can take 2x 3 18650 parallel packs.

Which you have to connect in series with wires.

You guys are also able to make a 10s4p or 5p battery, only have to print more middle pieces😊

I tried to design the enclosure as small as possible but i also wanted to make it so big that there is enough place to fix those 18650 cells.

7 pieces are ~50cm long, 14cm width and ~3cm high.

If you’re not able to print it, then you can contact me😉

These pictures are from the friend, whom i designed it for.



Greetings, Therealesk8☺️


Very nice. How do you dust proof between packs?

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  1. Thank you!
  2. With sealing straps🤭
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Care to share pics? :wink:

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Sry, i dont have any pictures right now, but as soon as my firiend mounted it, i’ll upload pictures. :raised_hands: Whoch pictures du you like to see?

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I’m the friend at question. I currently have another project that i’m working on but i will provide some more pictures for OP :slight_smile:


Thanks @JensSjogren :kissing_heart:

@JensSjogren just sent me pictures: IMG-20190222-WA0025 IMG-20190222-WA0023 IMG-20190222-WA0024


Yesterday i updated some pictures there👍

looks nice but I have a feeling it will crack at the bolt mounting area

Nein, das hält alles sehr gut👍

IMG-20190402-WA0015 IMG-20190402-WA0014 @JensSjogren


@Winfly maybe we can adapt this design for the compression pack :slight_smile: