Fliess 3 - Facelift

Hello community! The more I build and the more I ride, the more I realize over and over that I stop liking what and how I did before. Talking about skateboards now only :smiley: Sometimes I stop liking it so much that I wish to remove my previous posts. The same happened to my previous topic https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/fliess-3-einmal-directdrive-immer-directdrive/32279. I was so fascinated about direct drive that I totally ignored how Fliess 3 actually looked. And it looked shit…yes I admit it :expressionless: Too high, ugly enclosures…

Problem is that I am fascinated again and currently I like how Fliess 3FL looks and rides very much! Maybe month later I will stop liking it again. But for now, guys, please review. Surely, there are still some small details to improve, like bolts&nuts&washers must be black, motors maybe also. Ah, and heatsink. Winter is close, so better to ride few hundreds more than waste too much time on polishing minor details though :wink:


doesnt water splash all up on you when you ride in the rain?

@twan, I had no choice, was 3 km away from home and wanted to come back before it starts heavily raining. Luckily I didn’t lose traction. Dual helps :wink:

Impressive work man. Cheers.

@okp, thanks dude. I started to be afraid that nobody likes it :fearful: My wife always says it’s nice, even if it’s ugly, just not to break my heart :smile:


ahhh yeah phewww riding in the rain is scary when you go fast. Try painting the hubs to match the board maybe

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Looks nice, those are carbon hubs right? What version?

@twan, to be honest I don’t like the idea of painting motors at all. Regardless of the quality of paint, it will be inevitably scratched by rocks and other stuff. Currently I use aluminized tube to protect motors, but I didn’t like how it looked, so decided to paint to make it even worse :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Already ordered proper stainless steel tube, which should be the best I hope.

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Lol no those are his diy hubs

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Looked great before!

Looks greater-err now!

Level; Wizzard.

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@pat.speed, did you mean CARVON? :wink: If yes, then no. If no, then also no :smile: Seriously, I wouldn’t post if it was carvon. What would be the point of all this :slight_smile:

Haha. Thanks for nice words, @Idle.

Oh wow. They look so nice that’s why I thought they must be carvon hubs. Just wondering but did you have to use a bearing on each side of the stator to stop the rotor/can from hitting the stator? I am looking into building my own hub and can’t decide if I should use the same design as carvon with the motor outside the wheel of have the motor start in the wheel and finish outside the wheel

@pat.speed, surely there are bearings from both sides, only so! Hard to say what you should try in your case, because it all depends on requirements and what you wanna achieve at the end. In my case, I didn’t even consider any other schema different from having the motor totally independent from the wheel. There are only 3 cons I am aware of: not that stealthy as with hub motors; clearance; truck width. I wouldn’t talk about pros, because they are so many :slight_smile:

Yeah I am leaning towards the way you went mostly because it is easier to build and I can just use normal flywheels. what sized stator did you use and did you rewind it from an old outrunner? Sorry for so many questions but I’m not very experienced with this sort of thing.

@pat.speed, think twice before you start doing so. It’s your life man, value it :smile: You gonna spend many-many hours and money on it, if you want to get something decent. No, I don’t want to discourage you, just alerting :slight_smile: I use SK3 6372 motors. If you manage to rewind, then you can get better results. I rewound one. Another was just switched from delta to star. Cheers.

Ok, sweet this is going to be my future project once I finish my up coming build

That’s what happens when you wanna ride so much, but weather is shit :fearful: To the question from @twan if “doesnt water splash all up” - yes, not only water :smile:


Lmao dam that is a mess, wouldn’t want to show up to class like that LOL

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got suprised by rain - this is my vanguard at 50kph in soaking wet conditions :stuck_out_tongue: